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    BJP leaders should be blamed

    BELLARY: Congress leader H Vishwanath has asked senior BJP leaders to shoulder the blame, for creating an unfamous Republic of Bellary, which has brought a bad reputation to the state.He said the BJP was responsible for creating such an infamous republic and the then CM Yeddyurappa failed to control the Reddy clans contribution to the loot of natural resources.Bellary witnessed goondaism like never before under the reigns of the Reddy clan.Congress which was mum on the issue at least held a padayatra from Bangalore insisting enquiry into illegal mining issue, he said.The JD(S) has no commitment in public life, he said and added, “For want of power JD(S) would join hands with any party irrespective of their background.” Sriramulu has batted in his self-defence alleging that Congress and BJP have come to an understanding in order to defeat me.Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of his campaign, he said, “The big parties, unable to digest support of people towards me, are bent on creating confusion among the electorate.” “They have been levelling charges against me which are not true.We have done many development works in the district,” he clarified.