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    Anna Hazare more trusted than govt: IBN-HT poll

    New Delhi: According to the findings of a CNN IBN-Hindustan Times Opinion poll, the public prefers Anna Hazare over the government to tackle corruption.

    Anna Hazare and his team have campaigned relentlessly for the offices of the Prime Minister and the judiciary to be brought under the purview of the Lokpal Bill.

    Now, a poll conducted by CNN IBN in partnership with Hindustan Times shows that Anna Hazare inspires greater trust among Indians on issues like corruption than the Union government - his largest supporters coming from Mumbai. Baba Ramdev however doesn't inspire similar trust.

    The poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Indians believe that the Prime Minister must not be excluded from the Lokpal's purview.

    Nearly 60 per cent feel that the judiciary too should be brought under the Lokpal Bill's scrutiny.

    Three out of five feel that the level of corruption has increased in the last 6 months. The figure is as high as 80 per cent in Delhi and Ahmedabad.

    Eight out of 10 feel that civil movements such as Anna Hazare's and Baba Ramdev's will help in curbing corruption..

    43 per cent feel that it was the fear of a strong anti-corruption law that led the government to toughen its stand. A smaller percentage believe that the government was also worried about civil society blackmailing them in the future.

    A majority of those polled say it was not right on the part of the government to send top ministers in the government to receive Baba Ramdev.

    But there is also overwhelming support for Baba Ramdev and Anna for raising concerns on corruption as citizens believe this is not seen as a prerogative by elected members of Parliament.