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    After Osama bin Laden, the unanswered questions

    New Delhi: Surprise, speed and violence - the attack and elimination of the world's most wanted terrorist by US Navy SEALS, watched live minute by minute by a high profile audience including President Obama sitting thousands of miles away.But the attack itself left many questions in its wake. The first and most obvious - did the Pakistan Army host Osama in its backyard. The Americans are silent, India's intelligence believes they did.Former RAW Chief AK Verma said, "ISI knew exactly where Osama was. They were not complicit in the operation but knew very well about this hideout. There are reports that osama had renal problems…he needed dialysis twice a week. Now you need a very good doctor for that. Who sent him? Who sent the equipment?"But Pakistan's respected Dawn newspaper suggests otherwise. Sensing something odd in the visit of ISAF commander General Petraeus last Thursday to Chaklala Airbase in Rawalpindi, his talks with Army Chief General Kayani, President Obama signing the kill order on Osama on Friday. An unscheduled meeting of Pakistan's Corps Commanders the same day and ISI Chief General Shuja Pasha's presence at that meeting odd as he is not a corps commander.The last question - any successful operation of this kind suggests some quid pro quo - so was there a Washington-Islamabad deal on Osama?The pundits suspect the Pakistanis were keeping Osama as the trump card to be offered to the US in return for something big. That something big could be recognition of Islamabad's strategic interests in Afghanistan and a decisive say in its political future.