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    Affected by losses but not bogged down: Dhoni

    Sydney: Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni conceded that the confidence of his side has taken a hit after five successive Test losses on foreign soil but insisted that the team would bounce back in the second Test against Australia starting on Tuesday.

    After the 0-4 whitewash at the hands of England last year, India lost the series-opener against Australia in Melbourne last week.

    "It does affect it (team confidence) a bit, but it's not something to get bogged down about because we all know as to what exactly happened and you learn a lot from the mistakes that you make so we are looking at the positives. In the last five Test matches abroad that we have lost we have still had plenty of positives," Dhoni said.

    "We need to improve as a unit, rather than just improving as a bowling or batting side. Unlike in England, we have not faced a lot of injuries here so it's a positive. The Australian team will have to keep the pressure on the batting line-up and the bowlers also at the same time," he said.

    Dhoni was blunt when asked whether Tendulkar's long-awaited 100th international hundred was proving to be a distraction for his side.

    "It's a big distraction for the media which is good for us. Wherever we go, people talk about it. As a team, we would like him to score it as quickly as possible. There is no other reason apart from the fact that it's a big milestone and we would love to enjoy and be part of his success," he said.

    Dhoni admitted to the problems his batsmen were facing, as well as the one which confronts him now in Australia.

    "The kookaburra ball does a lot in the initial 15-20 overs so leaving deliveries outside the off-stump helps. But then you can't tell this to Virender Sehwag who loves smashing deliveries in that zone.

    "But it's always good to leave deliveries as an opener, that's something we're definitely working on. But again, you don't want a Sehwag to leave too many balls because he's someone who relishes the cut shot," he said.

    "Opening is very crucial to us. We would love to see them scoring big runs without any added pressure because we know at the top level, at times, you might be in good form or you may not be in good form. You just need that one delivery to get you out. In the same way, you can get the form in 5-10 deliveries.

    "We can certainly make them (the Australian bowlers) work harder because I feel if we can force them to bowl into our areas, then that can really help us score runs. It's something we need to work on,'' Dhoni said.