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    Watch: B'wood spoof by Columbia business students

    New Delhi:The first Bollywood amateur film ever shot at the Columbia Business School with an all-student star cast is a six minute clip that spoofs done-to-death cinematic cliches. 'Bollywood MBA', put up by CBS Follies, a student-run organization that produces a variety show on the last day of every semester, tells the story of a young Indian boy who gets admission to the Columbia Business School and promptly falls in love with a "white skank" disregarding his mother's warning.As is the prerequisite for most Bollywood flicks, the heroine’s father is of course a mafia boss in tight black pants, who beats up the hero for making advances to his daughter.He wants a doctor groom for his daughter and eventually finds one who is scared of the sight of blood, as the hero pines away.The tongue-in-cheek clip has the look of a home video and is shot in campus. CBS Follies traces its origin back to 1773 when Alexander Hamilton staged the first show entitled "Tea Party for King George." During the lean times of the Depression, business students bartered rotten apples and darned socks for tickets. World War II was marked by some stellar all female productions such as the renowned "Hey, We're All a Bunch of Women Making Airplanes to Bomb the Crap Out of Germany and Japan."####Watch the clip here