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    Vijayawada boy rescued from abductors

    VIJAYAWADA: The kidnapping of eight-year-old Datla Githeswar Varma ended on a happy note on Saturday with the Vijayawada police rescuing him and arresting two of his abductors within 12 hours of receiving the complaint. One of the abductors is a woman who knew the boy’s father D Srinivasa Raju, a realtor, very well.The boy, a student of class III, was allegedly kidnapped by Vegiraju Sunitha (36) with the help of Chinthaluri Eeshwar Chandra Ganesh (46) on April 19.According to the police, the motive of the kidnappers was to make a fast buck to overcome a financial crisis. Sunitha used to be an assistant to a Vijayawada advocate until two years ago, and had grown close to Srinivasa Raju. Ganesh used to be an accountant and set up a finance company but suffered losses.Since Sunitha had good relations with Giteshwar’s family, the accused easily took away the boy while he was going to his school at Mutyalampadu. The boy was told that his father would join them soon, and the boy did not suspect the abductors.Later, the kidnappers took the boy to Hyderabad in a car and confined him in an apartment at Nacharam and demanded a ransom of Rs 3 crore from Srinivasa Raju.For about 24 hours, Raju was hesitant to inform the police fearing for the boy’s life. He approached the police on April 20 around 8 pm. Soon after a complaint was lodged, police launched a search and traced the boy to Hyderabad.Presenting the accused before the media along with the rescued boy on Saturday, deputy commissioner of police M Ravindranath Babu said four special teams were set up to crack the case and the boy was rescued from an apartment at Nacharam in Hyderabad.The boy was returned to his parents 48 hours after his abduction. His father Srinivas Raju said his family was utterly relieved to see that Githeswar was unhurt.