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    Body found on High Court premises

    CHENNAI: An unidentified man reportedly committed suicide on the Madras High Court premises. Sweepers found the body hanging from a tree on Saturday morning. Lawyers have blamed lack of police security for the incident.Police said sweepers found the body of the man at 8am, who looked North Indian and aged around 30, hanging from a tree with a dirty white cotton shirt used for the noose, near the VIP entry area at the court. They alerted police.Police found a ticket to Assam booked around 10.40pm on Friday at the Chennai Central Railway Station in his pocket.“He had booked an open ticket to a place in Assam. He could have either taken Cor-omandel Express or Howrah Express,” a police official said.Police said the man, who had worn a t-shirt and jeans, could have scaled the wall of the court premises and climbed the tree to hang himself. Police suspected that he knew the layout of the premises. “There is clear hanging marks on his neck and no other visible injury,” added the official.Based on a complaint from the court campus in-charge, police said they registered a case and checked with the railway ticket booking office to confirm if he had booked the ticket. Police said they confirmed that he had booked the ticket and were in the process of checking if anyone else had booked tickets to the same place as the deceased, to identify him.Lawyers at the High Court claimed that there was lack of police security and proper checking at the entrance.