As it happened: Delhi Daredevils v Bangalore, IPL 6, Game 57

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: May 10, 2013, 7:20 PM IST
As it happened: Delhi Daredevils v Bangalore, IPL 6, Game 57

Live Updates from Game 57 of IPL 6 between Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore at the Feroz Shah Kotla on Friday.

Delhi Daredevils innings:

End of over 20 - DD 179 for 7: Well, it came down to the wire. Delhi need 19 off the last six balls. Morne Morkel gets four of the first ball, then a single to long-on. Irfan Pathan swings the third into the gap at square leg for another four. But the fourth ball results in just one as Irfan drives out to sweeper cover. And then on the fifth Morkel is bowled middle stump to give Unadkat his fifth. Full and straight does the job. Unadkat exults. Just the second five-wicket haul of the season. The last ball goes for four but RCB won't mind. They have won by four runs.

End of over 19 - DD 165 for 6: Ravi Rampaul bowls out with a 15-run over. Irfan Pathan smacks consecutive sixes off the last two balls. That means Delhi need 19 off six.

End of over 18 - DD 150 for 6: A chance for Vinay to get another wicket but Moises Henriques misjudges the catch at deep midwicket. Morne Morkel gets a life. Then he inside-edges to fine leg for four and gets three off the last ball. Seventeen off the over. Vinay isn't happy.

End of over 17 - DD 133 for 6: That is a massive over. Looking for six, Unmukt Chand (41) slogs the first ball out to long-on. Jaydev Unadkar gets his third wicket. The fourth comes just after, as Kedar Jhadav also finds long-on. Excellent, career-best figures for Unadkat.

End of over 16 - DD 129 for 4: Murali Kartik bowls out with another good over. Delhi need something drastic from here.

End of over 15 - DD 123 for 4: Vinay Kumar changes the angle and bowls Ben Rohrer (32) first ball. The batsman was looking to angle the ball square but gets a thin inside edge. Vinay lifts his arms. Kedar Jadhav is the new batsman. Just five singles off the over. Good stuff from Vinay.

End of over 14 - DD 118 for 3 Ravi Rampaul is called back and concedes nine. Five leg byes in the over. Rampaul is trying to get Ben Rohrer with the shorter deliveries.

End of over 13 - DD 109 for 3: These two have put on a fifty stand. Smart running, not too many risks. Ben Rohrer is looking solid. The asking rate is within striking distance. Three dot balls from Vinay Kumar give RCB some breathing room.

End of over 12 - DD 105 for 3: Murali Kartik continues. Unmukt Chand pulls four to put 100 on board for Delhi. Tries a slog sweep and miscues but it lands safely between deep midwicket and long-on. Delhi need 79 from 48. Game on?

End of over 11 - DD 96 for 3: Chris Gayle gets the ball. Fires it in. Ben Rohrer flicks out to wide long-on where Ravi Rampaul dives and allows four. Gayle grimaces. Eight runs off the over. Rohrer looks good.

End of over 10 - DD 88 for 3: After the big over, Murali Karthik wheels away a tidy one. Two singles and a double.

End of over 9 - DD 84 for 3: Ben Rohrer takes three boundaries off J Syed Mohammad, all off the back foot. Steers to third man and cuts into the off side with precision. Rohrer likes the cut, as evident by his last innings against Rajasthan. Mohammad didn't see that innings on video, looks like. Unmukt Chand gets a boundary too as Jaydev Unadkat misfields in the deep. Twenty runs off the over.

End of over 8 - DD 64 for 3: On comes left-arm spinner Murali Kartik and he gives up just three runs.

End of over 7 - DD 61 for 3: Unmukt Chand gets the first six of the innings, latching on to a lovely pull shot off Moises Henriques. David Warner gets off the mark with a lofted four over the bowler, but Henriques replies next ball by bowling Warner. The batsman played all over one that deviated away slightly. In comes Ben Rohrer.

End of over 6 - DD 49 for 1: Again. Virender Sehwag flirts with form only to throw it away. Again. Second wicket for Jaydev Unadkat who gets his man with a clever change of pace. Sehwag wanted to go over midwicket but is foxed and instead chips a simple catch to mid-on. David Warner, today's captain, comes in at No. 4. Almost run out too but Virat Kohli misses the stumps. End of the Powerplay. Just one run off the over. Excellent from Unadkat.

End of over 5 - DD 48 for 1: Bizarre. Unmukt Chand has edged Vinay Kumar's first delivery but Nigel Llong has not moved. Even AB de Villiers did not show much interest after he collected the ball. But the bowler was certain. Replays showed a thick edge. Chand gets a life on 5 and uppercuts the next ball over de Villiers for four. Virender Sehwag hits three successive fours to make it 17 off the over.

End of over 4 - DD 31 for 1: Success for Jaydev Unadkat first ball as Mahela Jayawardene (19) inside-edges a cramped cut shot onto his stumps. Unmukt Chand in at No. 3. Six off the over.

End of over 3 - DD 25 for 0: Mahela Jayawardene starts the over by glancing and chipping over midwicket for successive fours. Ravi Rampaul does well to bowl three dots in a row after that. A single off the last ball follows.

End of over 2 - DD 16 for 0: Nine off the over from Moises Henriques, eight of which came to Mahela Jayawardene in the form of leg-side boundaries.

End of over 1 - DD 7 for 0: Ravi Rampaul starts off RCB's defense of 183 and concedes seven. But crucially, he's banged two bouncers into Virender Sehwag's shoulder and helmet. The tactics are clear.

Royal Challengers Bangalore innings:

End of over 20 - RCB 183 for 4: Well, well. Virat Kohli is run out for 99. He's very disappointed. But what a big over. Kohli drives two to David Warner at long-off, swats four to cow corner, drives superbly past extra cover for four more, dumps six just over long-on, then slogs another six high down the ground. Off the last ball, Umesh Yadav goes full and Kohli drives past cover-point. But he is run out when coming back for the second that would have given him his maiden IPL century. Agony for the RCB captain. But his team has surged to 183. Seventy-seven runs in the last four overs. Incredible. That drop from Sehwag has proved massive so far.

End of over 19 - RCB 160 for 3: Siddarth Kaul is taken for 12. AB de Villiers pulls and reverse-sweeps boundaries with ease, then runs consecutive doubles. Single to Virat Kohli off the last ball, moves to 76.

End of over 18 - RCB 148 for 3: Twenty-four off the over. AB de Villiers carves a stunning six off Umesh Yadav, over extra cover. Then Virat Kohli swats six over long-on, four over extra cover and swings a criminal length ball over cow corner, The fans in Delhi are shouting "RCB! RCB!" Imagine.

End of over 17 - RCB 124 for 3: First six of the innings and its come from AB de Villiers. Who else? Moves across to his South Africa team-mate Morne Morkel and scoops the ball high over fine leg. A bit of a top edge but safe. Virat Kohli then pulls four past midwicket to get to his fifty in 44 balls. Celebrates with a thick top edged four to third man. Then a single to keep strike.

End of over 16 - RCB 106 for 3: Delhi's bowlers keep up the good work. Siddarth Kaul seven runs from the over. But not one boundary.

End of over 15 - 99 for 3: First boundary in 28 deliveries. Virat Kohli smacks a pull off Irfan Pathan flat over midwicket. AB de Villiers tries to paddle but cannot beat short fine leg. He's at least looking to get a move on. Second time-out taken.

End of over 14 - RCB 92 for 3: Shahbaz Nadeem's night gets better. Pitches it up full and gets Moises Henriques to drive back a return catch that is taken low down between his legs. Henriques isn't convinced but replays show Nadeem took it cleanly. Enter AB de Villiers. Can he lift RCB to a big total?

End of over 13 - RCB 89 for 2: Second consecutive tidy over for Delhi. Morne Morkel comes back into the attack and lets RCB take just six runs off him. Time to start swinging?

End of over 12 - RCB 83 for 2: Shahbaz Nadeem does well to start the over with four dots. Virat Kohli cutting and driving straight to fielders. A single off the fifth moves Kohli to 33. Then two wides down the pads, followed by a single.

End of over 11 - RCB 79 for 2: This pair has set the stage for a late surge. Smart cricket, swift running. Looking to score all around the place.

End of over 10 - RCB 74 for 2: Shahbaz Nadeem continues, concedes nine off the over. Shots all around the wicket from Virat Kohli and Moises Henriques. The partnership is now worth 42.

End of over 9 - RCB 65 for 2: Another four, this time Virat Kohli poking it down to third man. Singles for the rest of the over, plus a wide from Umesh Yadav. Time for the strategic time-out.

End of over 8 - RCB 55 for 2: Seven off the over from left-arm spinner Shahbaz Nadeem. Three singles and a boundary to Moises Henriques with a cut.

End of over 7 - RCB 48 for 2: Moises Henriques gets a full toss from Siddarth Kaul and slams it to the extra cover boundary. Kaul then digs in a short one to Virat Kohli who latches on to a pull but doesn't time it well enough. Thankfully for him, Virender Sehwag spills a leaping catch to his right at midwicket. Second life for the RCB captain. Can be make it large?

End of over 6 - RCB 40 for 2: End of the Powerplays and RCB remain jittery. A sluggish wicket indeed. Moises Henriques, in at No. 4 ahead of AB de Villiers, inside-edges a boundary to third man off Umesh Yadav. Virat Kohli on-drives a four to end the over.

End of over 5 - RCB 32 for 2: Virat Kohli welcomes Siddarth Kaul with a cover driven four. Then a single. Cheteshwar Pujara plays two dots, then drills a straight drive for four. Looking to advance again, he swings across the line and is bowled for 17. Second wicket down.

End of over 4 - RCB 23 for 1: Cheteshwar Pujara is playing orthodox shots but cannot break free. Gets a couple with a flick off the pads. Then plays the next three deliveries straight to fielders. Irfan Pathan bowls a wide down the pads. A firm cut goes to point. The last ball goes for four as Pujara beats mid-on. Four dots in the over.

End of over 3 - RCB 16 for 1: What drama. Virat Kohli gets a life thanks to Morne Morkel. The ball was a peach, pitching on a sweet spot and taking the edge as Kohli pushed forward ... but it was a no ball from Morkel. Kohli takes a deep breath, calls for a new bat and clips four through midwicket to get off the mark.

End of over 2 - RCB 6 for 1: Chris Gayle gets the first boundary of the innings by pushing the ball past the stumps. Just a push. Mid-on was always struggling to haul it back. But then the big wicket comes. Looking to go hard at a length ball outside off, Gayle chops the ball back onto his stumps. That is a massive wicket for Irfan Pathan.

End of over 1 - RCB 1 for 0: A tidy first over from Morne Morkel. Cheteshwar Pujara gets off the mark first ball with a single to third man, followed by five dot balls to Chris Gayle. Three were left alone.

Toss: David Warner, standing in as Delhi Daredevils captain on Friday, has won the toss and chose to put Royal Challengers Bangalore in to bat on what he calls "a sluggish wicket" at the Feroz Shah Kotla. RCB captain Virat Kohli, himself a Delhi native and very familiar with the venue, says he would have opted to chase too.

Delhi have made three changes: out go Ajit Agarkar, Pawan Negi and CM Gautam and in come Irfan Pathan, Shahbaz Nadeem and Unmukt Chand. RCB have swapped RP Singh and Arun Karthik for Jaydev Unadkat and J Syed Mohammad.

Here are the XIs:

Delhi Daredevils: 1 Virender Sehwag, 2 Mahela Jayawardene, 3 Unmukt Chand, 4 David Warner (capt), 5 Ben Rohrer, 6 Kedar Jadhav (wk), 7 Irfan Pathan, 8 Morne Morkel, 9 Shahbaz Nadeem, 10 Umesh Yadav, 11 Siddarth Kaul.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: 1 Cheteshwar Pujara, 2 Chris Gayle, 3 Virat Kohli (capt), 4 AB de Villiers, 5 Moises Henriques, 6 Saurabh Tiwary, 7 Ravi Rampaul, 8 J Syed Mohammed, 9 Vinay Kumar, 10 Murali Kartik, 11 Jaydev Unadkat.

While Delhi suffered their latest loss against Rajasthan Royals, RCB were thumped by Kings XI Punjab, thanks to a spectacular 38-ball 100 by David Miller.

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