As it happened, India A vs Australia A: Tri-series final, Pretoria

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: August 14, 2013, 12:47 PM IST
As it happened, India A vs Australia A: Tri-series final, Pretoria

Read on for live updates of the tri-series final between India A and Australia A at the LC de Villiers Oval in Pretoria. India A have opted to bat. Updates are in order of the latest action; scroll to the bottom of the page for toss and team news.

Australia A innings

Good overall performance by the young Indian side. First the batsmen posted a challenging score and then the bowlers did a tidy job to restrict the opposition 50 runs away from the target.

End of over 47: Fawad Ahmed was run out for 9 as India A finished the Australia A innings at 193, thus winning the match by 50 runs.

End of over 46: Ishwar Pandey was once again taken for runs. No. 11 batsman Fawad Ahmed smashed him for eight runs in three balls. Australia A now need 56 off 24

End of over 45: Rasool got rid of Tim Paine when he bowled the Aussie wicketkeeper batsman for 47 (76). Australia A 178 for 9

End of over 44: Pandey was smashed for two consecutive boundaries by Tim Paine, who moved to 47. First one was smashed to long-on while the second driven to covers. Australia A 175 for 8

End of over 43: Five singles have come off Parvez Rasool's comeback over as Australia A reach 164 for 8.

End of over 42: Medium pacer Ishwar Pandey has been brought into the attack. After four runs off the first five balls, Sandhu swept him to fine leg for four. Australia A 159 for 8

End of over 41: Nadeem completed his spell, finishing with 3 for 34. Australia, meanwhile, reached the 150 mark. Australia 151 for 8.

End of over 39: Shahbaz Nadeem got his third wicket as he had Hazlewood stumped for 30. Hazlewood took 44 balls for his 30, hitting one four and a six. Australia A 148 for 8

End of over 38: Mohammed Shami continued from the other end, giving away four runs. Meanwhile, the partnership between Paine and Hazlewood reached the fifty mark. Australia A 141 for 7

End of over 37: Shahbaz Nadeem has been brought from the other end. Hazlewood pushed him to long-on for a single, followed by a cut to backward point for another single by Paine. Hazlewood then took another one to the cover region. Paine took two to deep cover and finished the over with a single. Australia A 136 for 7

End of over 36: Mohammed Shami has been brought back into the attack and his comeback over yielded just three runs. Australia A 130 for 7

End of over 35: After two singles from the first four balls off Rasool's eighth over, Hazlewood smashed the offspinner for a six. He finished the over with another single. Australia A 127 for 7

End of over 34: After just one run from Rasool's seventh over, four singles came off Raina's last over. The part-time offspinner completed his spell, giving away 1 for 33. He was asked to bowl the second over of the innings and was brought in to the attack in the middle overs as well. Australia A 118 for 7

End of over 32: Raina gave away four singles in the penultimate over of his spell. Australia A 113 for 7

End of over 31: Rasool bowled his sixth over, giving away just two singles. Paine is batting on 17 off 36, while Hazlewood is not out on 11 off 23. Australia A 108 for 7

End of over 30: The young Aussie batsmen were finding it hard to negotiate the offspin from Rasool and Raina. While three singles came off Rasool's over, only two were came in the over by Raina. Australia A 106 for 7

End of over 28: Offspinner Parvez Rasool continued his brilliant spell, bowling out a maiden to Tim Paine. Raina, meanwhile, replaced Nadeem from the other end and gave three runs in his seventh over. Australia A 101 for 7

End of over 26: After three runs in the previous over by Parvez Rasool, seven runs came off Nadeem's seventh over. Josh Hazlewood driven him past short third man for a boundary. Australia A 98 for 7

End of over 24: Another wicket for Shahbaz Nadeem as Coulter-Nile went for 5. After being tied by Nadeem, Coulter-Nile used his feet but was foxed by the left-arm spinner and got stumped. Australia A 88 for 7

End of over 23: Rasool bowled another excellent over as his over went for just one run. Australia A 87 for 6

End of over 22: Shahbaz Nadeem continued from the other end. Wicketkeeper batsman Tim Paine drove him to the wide of long-off for three runs, followed by a cover drive for four by Coulter-Nile. Australia A 86 for 6

End of over 21: Parvez Rasool, the offspinner, bowled an excellent over, giving away just three singles. Australia A 79 for 6

End of over 20: After taking 13 runs in the previous over of Dhawan, Henriques played five dot balls before being caught at second slip by Suresh Raina off Shahbaz Nadeem. Australia A are in deep trouble now. Australia A 76 for 6.

End of over 19: Moises Henriques used his feet to dispatch Shikhar Dhawan over long-on for two huge sixes. He completed the over, which yielded 13 runs, with a single to long-on. Australia A 76 for 5

End of over 18: Paine and Henriques are finding it difficult to picks runs off the bolwers. Every dot ball is adding to the pressure. Great stuff by India A. Australia A 63 for 5

End of over 17: Pandey with maiden over. India A bowlers are bowling superbly. Australia A 61 for 5

End of over 16: Tim Paine and Moises Henriques are in the crease for Australia A. They need to regroup here. Australia A 61 for 5

End of over 15: Pandey with nice and tidy over once again. Just three from it. Australia A 56 for 5

End of over 14: Shahbaz Nadeem comes into the attack for India A and bowls a good over first up. Just one from it and Run Out off the last ball as well. Australia A 53 for 5

End of over 13: Another one bites the dust. India are on top for sure now. Pandey picks up Maddison as he gives away straight forward catch to Raina in the first slip. Australia A 52 for 4

End of over 12: Out! Raina picks up Maxwell, who wa looking dangerous. Trying to for a big shot but gives away simple catch to Pujara at mid-wicket. Australia A 50 for 3

End of over 11: Ishwar Pandey comes in to the attack and is welcomed with a four and six off his last two balls of the over. Good shots by Maxwell. Australia A 49 for 2

End of over 10: Another tight over by Raina. This time a maiden. Asking rate is rising over by over here. Australia A 37 for 2

End of over 9: Mohammed Shami is bowling at decent pace and batsmen are finding it difficult to score runs against him. Australia A 37 for 2

End of over 8: Another neat and tidy over by Raina, just one from it. Glenn Maxwel and Maddison are in the middle. Australia A 34 for 2

End of over 7: Mohammed Shami sends back dangerous Marsh as well. He is on song. He went for a big shot but straight to Pujara at mid on. He is out for 11. Australia A 33 for 2

End of over 6: Nic Maddinson joins Marsh in the middle and just a single from Raina's over. India are pulling things back. Australia A 31 for 1

End of over 5: Brilliant over by Mohammed Shami. He sends back Finch for 20 and bowls a maiden as well. Great stuff by the pacer as he clean bowled the Australian skipper. Australia A 30 for 1

End of over 4: Ten runs from Raina's over as Marsh and Finch picks up a boundary a piece. Australia A 30 for 0

End of over 3: Finch looks in fine form, this time he hits six to pacer Shami. Double off the last ball makes it eight from the over. Australia A 20 for 0

End of over 2: Finch gets the first maximum of Australian innings. But just six from that over Raina shared the new ball with Mohammed Shami. Australia A 11 for 0

End of over 1: Shaun Marsh opens his account with a boundary. On the other hand Finch is also off the mark with a single. Australia A 5 for 0

India A innings

End of Indian innings: Coulter-Nile picked up Rasool to bowl India out for 243 in the final. India 241 all out

End of over 49: Another brilliant over in the death by Hazlewood. Sends Mohammed Shami packing for 3. 250 is looking out of reach now for India. India 241 for 8

End of over 48: Indians are falling like pack of cards here. Pandey went for a wild swing but completely missed it and is clean bowled. He is out for 1. Coulter-Nile picks up his second. India 243 for 9

End of over 47: Parvez Rasool and Ishwar Pandey are the new man in. Good over from Hazlewood. Just two off it. India 238 for 7

End of over 46: Another one falls. This time Saha. After hitting a boundary in the earlier ball, he went for another wild cut shot but hit straight to Maxwell. He departs from 31.
India 236 for 7

End of over 45: Josh Hazlewood scalps Ambati Rayudu for 34 runs. He concedes just 2 runs in the over. Rayudu was clean bowled as he missed an in swinger. India 231 for 6

End of over 44: Moises Henriques is keeping things tight from the one end. Just four runs from his over once again. He is giving no room to the batsmen. India 229 for 5.

End of over 43: Nine runs from Sandhu's over. He has been on expensive side of things today. Indian batsmen have picked up their man smartly today. Five singles and a boundary for Saha from this over. Rayudu on 32 and Saha is on 25. India 225 for 5.

End of over 42: Good over by Moises Henriques. Gives away just four singles from his eighth over. Rayudu and Saha needs to up the ante now. India 216 for 5.

End of over 41: Sandhu back into the attack, and gives away six runs in the over. Won't be long before either Rayudu or Saha starts looking for a boundary an over from here on. India A 212 for 5.

End of over 40: We are into the last 10 overs now. Rayudu's presence will be the key to India's final total. India 206 for 5.

End of over 39: The score has crossed 200 now. But India need at least 70-80 runs in the last 10 overs to stay competitive considering the flat nature of this track in Pretoria. India 202 for 5.

End of over 38: Both Saha and Rayudu doing the right thing here by taking India back into a position from where a final assault can be launched to reach 275. India 198 for 5

End of over 37: Saha doing well to hang in there before playing his strokes. Just three singles from the over but wicket preservation more important for the next five overs. India 194 for 5.

End of over 36: Coulter-Nile to Rayudu. Inside edge and the ball races to the fine leg boundary. Lucky one. India 191 for 5.

End of over 35: Steady flow of singles in the over bowled by Fawad Ahmed. Five of them. India 185 for 5.

End of over 34: Another four to Rayudu. He is playing his shots but has to be careful. India can't afford to fold up cheaply after the innings played by Dhawan and Karthik. India 180 for 5.

End of over 33: Rayudu and Saha will now have to steady the ship rocked by a triple strike. India 175 for 5.

End of over 32: Suresh Raina also falls, yorked by Mitchell Marsh for a 25-ball 17. India A have lost three wickets for 24 runs. India A 169 for 5.

End of over 29: Nathan Coulter-Nile strikes. Like Shikhar Dhawan, Dinesh Karthik plays a loose shot away from the body. The result is that he is bowled for 73 off 75 balls. Ambati Rayudu is the new batsman. India A 159 for 4.

End of over 28: Suresh Raina collects his first boundary, a drive to long-off off Moises Henriques. Dinesh Karthik is solid on 73 off 74 balls. India A 158 for 3.

End of over 24: Moises Henriques takes out Shikhar Dhawan for 62 off 65 balls. No century. Looks to run it fine and gets an edge to Tim Paine. India A 144 for 3.

End of over 22: It doesn't matter who the bowler is, Karthik is in that kind of zone today. Henriques driven through deep square leg for another four, Karthik's ninth. He is on to 64* off 60. Dhawan on 57* off 58. India 133 for 2.

End of over 21: Karthik isn't letting any over go by without a boundary. Fawad Ahmed swept to the boundary besides three singles that followed. India 125 for 2.

End of over 20: Both Dinesh Karthik and Shikhar Dhawan have scored half-centuries. Dhawan got there first, in 51 balls, followed by Karthik who reached his with a boundary off Glenn Maxwell. India A 118 for 2.

End of over 16: At drinks, the score is 91 for 2. Dinesh Karthik (35*) and Shikhar Dhawan (44*) have added 57 so far. India A 91 for 2.

End of over 14: Legspinner Fawad Ahmed into the attack and taken for two boundaries off his first two balls bowled, with Dinesh Karthik making good use of the crease. Karthik has eased on to 34 off 31 balls, Shikhar Dhawan is on 43 off 40. India A 88 for 2.

End of 12th over: A couple boundaries to Dinesh Karthik in this over and the previous one. He's moved on to 21 off 22 balls. Shikhar Dhawan is on 36 off 35. India A 69 for 2.

End of 10th over: Shikhar Dhawan brings up India's 50 with a single off Nathan Coulter-Nile. Next ball, Dinesh Karthik smashes a four to deep midwicket. India A 54 for 2.

End of 9th over: Shikhar Dhawan remains the dominant batsman, reaching 32 off 29 balls. With him is Dinesh Karthik (5*). India A 48 for 2.

5th over: Another jolt for India A as their captain Cheteshwar Pujara (1) falls to the first ball bowled by Glenn Maxwell. Pujara drives the ball in the air to his Australia A counterpart Aaron Finch. India in trouble early on. India A 34 for 2 in 5.1 overs.

Cheteshwar Pujara c Finch b Maxwell 1 (8)

End of 4th over: Three fours in a row for Shikhar Dhawan off Gurinder Sandhu. India 33 for 1.

End of Over 3: Out! Josh Hazelwood has trapped Rohit Sharma in front after the Mumbai batsman hit a boundary off the first ball of the over. India 21 for 1.

Rohit Sharma lbw b Hazlewood 6 (11)

End of Over 2: Dhawan is on a roll here. Another boundary, this time off Sandhu. India A 16 for 0.

End of Over 1: Shikhar Dhawan opens account with a boundary. India A 9 for 0.

TOSS: Cheteshwar Pujara has won the toss and India A will bat first.

Aaron Finch: "There has been a run-fest for the batters on this pitch and a hard time for the medium-pacers. We have a team of pretty aggressive players and we're all very experienced in one-day cricket, we're very confident of our abilities and it's been good that we haven't quite played our best cricket and yet we've won three matches so far."

PITCH: Another high-scoring encounter in the offing with the pitch at the LC de Villiers Oval in Pretoria expected to remain flat.

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4 England 3362 99
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