As it happened: Kings XI Punjab v Sunrisers Hyderabad, Game 59, IPL 6

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: May 11, 2013, 7:10 PM IST
As it happened: Kings XI Punjab v Sunrisers Hyderabad, Game 59, IPL 6

Live updates from game 59 of IPL 6 between Kings XI Punjab and Sunrisers Hyderabad played at the PCA Stadium in Mohali.

Kings XI Punjab innings:

End of over 20 - KXIP 120 for 9: Very sloppy end to the innings. Harmeet Singh is run out by Ishant Sharma off the first ball. Luke Pomersbach hits the second over Ishant at long-off for six. Sammy ends up getting a fourth wicket when Ishant holds a catch off Parvinder Awana (0) at long-on. He finishes with 4 for 22. That is a big win for Hyderabad - 30 runs.

End of over 19 - KXIP 111 for 7: Dale Steyn comes back and produces a very fast delivery - 148ks - to peg back Praveen Kumar's stumps first ball. Harmeet Singh slogs the second delivery to third man for two. He misses the third and the ball kisses the stumps but there's no movement of the bails. Fevicol ka jod hai,kya? Harmeet manages a single to get down the other end. Luke Pomersbach takes a single off the last ball to reach 24 off 36 balls. What an epic innings.

End of over 18 - KXIP 107 for 6: Thisara Perera's evening gets better. Piyush Chawla gets a leading edge to midwicket. Again the key was the lack of pace from Perera. Off the last ball Luke Pomersbach miscues a slog in the air but the fielder from cover dives and cannot hold on. Those cutters from Perera have been handy for Hyderabad. Quick runs, a catch, a run out and a wicket for Perera. Man of the Match?

End of over 17 - KXIP 102 for 5: Luke Pomersbach has not timed anything tonight. Now he's just hanging back and swinging at everything. Two, one, leg bye, one. Then R Sathish smacks the ball down the ground and harries back for the second but the dive is fractionally late. Excellent throw from Thisara Perera at long-on. Sathish run out for 25.

End of over 16 - KXIP 94 for 4: What has Karan Sharma done? Luke Pomersbach gets a top edge up in the air and Sharma runs across from point and spills it. Should have been taken with ease. That's a clanger. Pomersbach is struggling on 16 off 29 balls. Time for the final strategy break. Punjab need 55 from 24 balls.

End of over 15 - KXIP 93 for 4: After the big over, Cameron White calls back Dale Steyn. Three dots, a wide down the leg side, another dot, then Luke Pomersbach punches two down the ground. A single follows.

End of over 14 - KXIP 89 for 4: R Sathish has targeted Amit Mishra and helped take 18 off the over. Consecutive slogged sixes when the ball was full and then a back-cut for four when Mishra changes the length. The Mohali crowd cheers its appreciation.

End of over 13 - KXIP 71 for 4: Cameron White goes back to Thisara Perera who gives up nine. The ball is stopping on the bat. Perera is running is fingers across the seam. Parthiv Patel fumbles a regulation take and concedes four byes. Bonus runs. Perera is miffed. The next ball, Luke Pomersbach makes room and steers four to third man. Now Perera is livid.

End of over 12 - KXIP 62 for 4: Amit Mishra make a belated appearance. Settles into a nice rhythm and concedes just two singles.

End of over 11 - KXIP 60 for 4: An appeal for stumped off Karan Sharma but Luke Pomersbach has just dragged his foot back. The batsman then tries a reverse paddle and inside-edges the ball between Parthiv Patel's legs for three. The asking rate is now over 10.

End of over 10 - KXIP 54 for 4: Its all headed downhill for Punjab. Darren Sammy strikes again, having David Miller (6) caught at cover. An easy catch for Cameron White. Out comes Sammy's pink pacifier.

End of over 9 - KXIP 51 for 3: Hanuma Vihari continues and concedes one off the over. Not flighting it too much. Time for the strategic time-out.

End of over 8 - KXIP 50 for 3: Darren Sammy strikes first ball, getting Shaun Marsh (18) caught at long-on. Mistimes the shot but it takes a nice running catch from Thisara Perera to complete the dismissal. On the next ball, he bowls Adam Gilchrist (26) who drags a pull short onto the stumps. David Miller drives the hat-trick ball uppishly past cover for four. A single to deep point brings up Punjab's 50.

End of over 7 - KXIP 45 for 1: Hanuma Vihari bowls some gentle offspin. Nearly has Adam Gilchrist stumped off the pads but Parthiv Patel is slow to react. Four off the over. Lets see what Gilchrist does with the life. He's on 26.

End of over 6 - KXIP 41 for 1: Adam Gilchrist is strong on the off side, slapping Ishant Sharma for boundaries past point and then through extra cover. End of the Powerplay.

End of over 5 - KXIP 29 for 1: Adam Gilchrist starts the over with a firmly driven boundary through the covers, but then just three singles come off five deliveries.

End of over 4 - KXIP 22 for 1: Adam Gilchrist gets a fortuitous boundary. Pops the ball back in the air, Ishant Sharma sticks up a hand but cannot get it and then mid-on and mid-off have a moment of confusion. The ball rolls away for four. Otherwise a good over, with one single to Gilchrist. Four dots in there.

End of over 3 - KXIP 17 for 1: Shaun Marsh cuts the first ball from Dale Steyn for four. The bowler promptly tidies up the length and Marsh leaves alone outside off stump. Two singles follow, followed by an aerial cut shot from Marsh for four more.

End of over 2 - KXIP 7 for 1: Shaun Marsh is being fed driving-length deliveries by Ishant Sharma. Times one off the middle to get four past mid-off, scampers a single off the last ball.

End of over 1 - KXIP 2 for 1: Dale Steyn strikes in his first over, getting Mandeep Singh (0) to fend a catch to a diving Cameron White at point. Closed the face of the bat and White fell forward to hold it inches off the ground. Second straight duck for Mandeep. Shaun Marsh gets an outside edge for one first ball as he chases outside off stump.

Sunrisers Hyderabad innings:

End of over 20 - SH 150 for 7: Hyderabad take eight off the last over. Thisara Perera swings Praveen Kumar over midwicket for four but that is the only four of the over. Praveen misses the stumps on the last ball to let Perera off. Should have been run out.

End of over 19 - SH 142 for 7: Parthiv Patel starts the over with a six over extra cover, then shuffles across and shovels a short ball over short fine leg for four. Thisara Perera gets on strike and slogs two out to wide long-off. Ugly heave but that's how he bats. Looking for two, Parthiv is just short of the crease as a throw comes back from long-off.

End of over 18 - SH 128 for 6: Six more to Thisara Perera, clouting a length ball from Praveen Kumar over long-on. Then four off the pads past square leg. Poor stuff from Praveen. Perera is swinging at everything. Parthiv Patel quietly gets to his fifty in 44 balls. Its his first in three seasons.

End of over 17 - SH 114 for 6: A big six from Thisara Perera off Parvinder Awana gives Hyderabad something to cheer about. Nice clean swing and its over long-on. Ten off the over.

End of over 16 - SH 104 for 6: Piyush Chawla caps a good outing with 1 for 20 off his quota. Should have had a wicket with his last delivery when Thisara Perera top-edged a swipe but Mandeep Singh in the covers could not hold on to the swirling chance. Can Perera make it count?

End of over 15 - SH 98 for 6: Back into the attack comes Parvinder Awana who goes for nine and picks up Karan Sharma. The batsman starts by edging four to third man but Awana bounces him out in the end. Looking to pull from outside off stump, Sharma gets a big top edge which Adam Gilchrist settles under. Thisara Perera squeezes the last ball to fine leg for four.

End of over 14 - SH 89 for 5: Karan Sharma gets on with matters by striking Harmeet Singh for six down the ground. Hyderabad need a few more of those. A one-bounce four follows as Sharma pulls behind square. Second strategic break taken.

End of over 13 - SH 76 for 5: Piyush Chawla keeps up the good work. Bowls it full. Just five off the over.

End of over 12 - SH 71 for 5: Sandeep Sharma bowls out with a seven-run fourth over. Parthiv Patel connects on a good shot to get four over mid-on. Sandeep ends with 3 for 21 on debut.

End of over 11 - SH 64 for 5: Eight runs off Piyush Chawla's second over.

End of over 10 - SH 56 for 5: This is a proper choke-hold. Four runs off Sandeep Sharma's third over. He has figures of 3 for 14. Parthiv Patel is on 23 off 23 balls at the halfway stage.

End of over 9 - SH 52 for 5: Into the attack comes Piyush Chawla and for once he starts promisingly. Not so promising is the effort from Darren Sammy, who plays back to a googly and is struck in front of off stump for 0. Hyderabad are in a hole.

End of over 8 - SH 51 for 4: What an over from Sandeep Sharma. Two wickets in two balls. Tremendous from the youngster. Off the fifth, Cameron White is rapped on the pads. Off the sixth, Biplab Samantray misses all ends up and hears the stumps go for a walk. Sandeep is on a hat-trick and sets off in celebration. There's a strategic timeout.

End of over 7 - SH 48 for 2: Parthiv Patel continues to live a chancy life. First David Miller misses the stumps and then a firm drive back to Harmeet Singh brushes the bowler's fielders. Cameron White thumps a boundary down the ground too to make it 11 off the over.

End of over 6 - SH 37 for 2: Sandeep Sharma gets a wicket in his first match, with a short and wide ball. Hanuma Vihari (5) cuts straight into David Miller's lap at point. Cameron White opens his account first ball with a cover-driven four. End of the Powerplay.

End of over 5 - SH 29 for 1: What do you know? Harmeet Singh, recalled into the XI today, strikes first ball. Looking to work the ball off the stumps, Shikhar Dhawan (15) pops back a return catch to Harmeet who latches on to it near his ankles. First strike to Punjab. Some controlled seam bowling from Harmeet keeps the batsmen in check. Just one run off the over.

End of over 4 - SH 28 for 0: A couple good deliveries to start the over, one beats the bat and the second takes the edge past second slip. Then Parvinder Awana beats Parthiv Patel with one that sits up. Patel punches the last ball off the back foot for four.

End of over 3 - SH 23 for 0: Shikhar Dhawan charges out to Praveen Kumar and makes a total mess of an attempted pull shot; the top edge goes high over the slips and comes down in no man's land. Follows up with a flick past midwicket for four.

End of over 2 - SH 15 for 0: First boundary of the innings comes to Shikhar Dhawan with a push between cover and point. Then the first six to Parthiv Patel who uppercuts Parvinder Awana down to third man where Praveen Kumar gets his hands up but ends up tipping the ball for six. Was a chance, but a tough one. Eleven from the over.

End of over 1 - SH 4 for 0: A quiet start to Hyderabad's innings. Praveen Kumar gets a bit of movement and concedes four singles. Two appeals for lbw against Parthiv Patel but the batsman is saved by a tiny inside edge and the height.

Toss: Kings XI Punjab captain Adam Gilchrist wins the toss and immediately opts to field first on a damp surface. Cameron White, standing in as captain instead of Kumar Sangakkara, also reckons there will be something in the surface for the bowlers.

One change for Hyderabad: the injured Aashish Reddy is replaced by Biplab Samantray. Sandeep Sharma gets a game for the home team. David Hussey has been replaced by Luke Pomersbach. Harmeet Singh also gets a match. Bipul Sharma and Manpreet Gony sit out.

With 14 points from seven wins in 12 games, Hyderabad are pushing hard to enter the top half of the table dominated by Chennai Super Kings - who are already through to the play-offs. Punjab, on the other hand, have 10 points from 12 matches and need to win all their remaining four games to have any chance of finishing in the top four.

Both the teams are coming from embarrassing defeats and will need to pick themselves in the must-win zone. Hyderabad were handed a 77-run defeat by Chennai, while Rajasthan Royals put in a clinical display to brush aside Punjab by eight wickets at the same venue the other day.

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