As it happened: Mumbai Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad, Game 62, IPL 6

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: May 13, 2013, 6:52 PM IST
As it happened: Mumbai Indians v Sunrisers Hyderabad, Game 62, IPL 6

Live updates from Game 62 between Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad at the Wankhede Stadium.

Mumbai Indians innings:

End of the match - MI 184 for 3 in 19.3 overs: Well, well. Kieron Pollard swings the first ball from Thisara Perera for six over midwicket. Effortless shot. That levels the scores. One bouncer later, Pollard wins the match with six more. What a shot. Swings and dumps the ball rows back over square leg. Pollard's eighth six and he finishes on 66 off 27 balls. What an innings. Awesome. Mumbai win by seven wickets. That is their seventh win in a row at home. The fans are loving it.

End of over 19 - MI 172 for 3: Dale Steyn comes back and concedes five. Mumbai need seven off seven. And Thisara Perera will bowl.

End of over 18 - MI 167 for 3: Kieron Pollard is out of control. Rohit Sharma gets him on strike and Pollard dumps Amit Mishra for successive sixes. Which means he has hit five sixes in a row. Mishra somehow slips in a dot as Pollard swings and misses, but a full toss gets Pollard back into action. That's a big hit over square leg. Mishra really messed up that time. The Mumbai fans are going berserk. Pollard swings and misses again, this time loses his bat over square leg. Laughs all around. He ends the over with a single that gives him a 20-ball fifty. What an innings. Just brutal. Changed the tone of the chase.

End of over 17 - MI 146 for 3: Back comes Thisara Perera and Rohit Sharma wallops six first ball. Lovely swing and the ball goes back 96 meters over midwicket. A single to long-off follows, then Perera goes short again and Kieron Pollard hammers a flat four. Powerful shot from the big slugger. Next ball is fuller and Pollard drills a flat six over long-on. And again. And again. Three sixes in a row. What hitting from Pollard. Make that 29 off the Perera over. Wow. Three successive sixes over long-on.

End of over 16 - MI 117 for 3: Dale Steyn comes back and beats Kieron Pollard first ball with a ripper. Unplayable. Pollard walks across the stumps and gets a single then. Rohit Sharma is beaten for pace and bounce. Gets a single with a pull out to the sweeper. Steyn is bowling short and quick. What an over. No wicket but sheer pace and aggression from Steyn. The asking rate is now 15.50.

End of over 15 - MI 113 for 3: Rohit Sharma pulls six off Ishant Sharma, then Kieron Pollard charges and lofts over mid-off for four. Thirteen off the over.

End of over 14 - MI 100 for 3: Two wickets in two overs from the legspinner Karan Sharma. Now its Ambati Rayudu who goes, on the move but beaten by the quicker one. The ball goes straight through and Parthiv Patel does the stumping. Kieron Pollard strides out, gets off the mark with a single.

End of over 13 - MI 99 for 2: Four singles off Darren Sammy's over. Pressure on Mumbai.

End of over 12 - MI 95 for 2: At last, a bit of momentum. Sachin Tendulkar starts the over by taking Karan Sharma for four back over his head, follows up with six over long-on. Charged out and lofted it high in the air. Tendulkar seems to have cramped up in the left hand and calls for the physio. After a long delay, Simon Taufel walks over and says get on with it or get off. So off goes Tendulkar for further treatment. Rohit Sharma walks in, punches his first ball to cover. And then the wicket falls. Dinesh Karthik comes forward, looks to play it to leg but gets a leading edge that Cameron White at cover collects while diving forward. What has that break in play done for Mumbai?

End of over 11 - MI 82 for 1: Thisara Perera replaces Karan Sharma and concedes a four to Dinesh Karthik off the third ball. Overall, nine runs off the over. Mumbai now need 97 runs to win off 54 balls.

End of over 10 - MI 73 for 1: Amit Mishra continues, and again does a good job. Just six runs off the over. Mumbai need to up the ante to give themselves a chance. Right now they are way behind.

End of over 9 - MI 67 for 1: The legspinner Karan Sharma comes on. Two singles and a dot are followed by an inside-out slap for four from Sachin Tendulkar. Sharma misses his line and concedes a wide down the pads.

End of over 8 - MI 59 for 1: Spin now as Amit Mishra gets the ball. Varies his pace and trajectory and concedes five singles and a boundary off the last ball as Dinesh Karthik slog-sweeps to deep midwicket. Time for the strategic break.

End of over 7 - MI 50 for 1: Darren Sammy comes on and Dinesh Karthik steers him past point for four first up. Gets two next ball, moving across and shoveling past square leg. A dot, wide and four singles round off the over.

End of over 6 - MI 39 for 0: A good over from Ishant Sharma. Just four singles off it. End of the Powerplay.

End of over 5 - MI 35 for 1: Thisara Perera gets the ball and begins with a tidy over. Mostly seam-up stuff. Sachin Tendulkar plays four dot balls in a row, then manages to loft a boundary down the ground. A single to square leg ends the over.

End of over 4 - MI 30 for 1: Ishant Sharma takes out Dwayne Smith's middle stump. Its lying on the ground. No footwork from Smith as he heaves at one on the stumps and the middle pole is uprooted. Ishant wags the finger. Smith walks off for 21 from 17 balls. In comes Dinesh Karthik who defends two balls and then clips the last for four.

End of over 3 - MI 23 for 0: Dwayne Smith gets a thick outside edge to an away-swinger first up which flies wide of the lone slip for four. Dale Steyn looks on fiercely. Off the second, Smith swings hard and gets a big edge over slip for four more. Steyn is red-faced. Then a single to third man. Sachin Tendulkar gets off the mark with a single to deep square leg. Smith remains scoreless off the last two balls.

End of over 2 - MI 13 for 0: Dwayne Smith gets four off Ishant Sharma's first ball, clipping high in the air out to deep midwicket where the fielder sticks out a hand in vain. Smith gets two more with a tuck off the pads. Then a loud appeal for lbw which Simon Taufel turns down. A close shout, Smith perhaps struck a bit high on the knee roll. A wide and a single follow. Sachin Tendulkar misses his first ball as he looks to tap it to the on side.

End of over 1 - MI 5 for 0: Dale Steyn to Dwayne Smith: dot, dot, four, dot, dot, misfield for one. That is an over of overall accurate and fast bowling. The fans will be keener to see how Steyn bowls to Sachin Tendulkar. End of a good first over from the South African quick.

Sunrisers Hyderabad innings:

End of over 20 - SH 178 for 3: Dhawal Kulkarni is entrusted the job of bowling the final over and concedes nine runs. The first three deliveries are yorker-length and produce two singles, then on the fourth Thisara Perera walks across to paddle but misses. Another crucial dot. The fifth is wider and Perera heaves and misses, Cameron White calls for the quick run as Dinesh Karthik has a shy at the stumps and misses. White hammers the last ball over extra cover for six. Apart from that length delivery, it was an excellent over from Kulkarni.

End of over 19 - SH 169 for 3: Lasith Malinga bowls out with a five-run penultimate over. Two singles, then a wicket as Hanuma Vihari (41) mistimes a short ball to a running Mitchell Johnson at mid-off. A wide follows as Cameron White swings outside off stump. White carves the next ball out to deep point for one. Thisara Perera drives his first delivery in the air and on the bounce to long-off for a single. White ends the over by missing a yorker outside off stump.

End of over 18 - SH 164 for 2: First ball from Mitchell Johnson is too short and too slow and Cameron White heaves it away for four. Then off the second Ambati Rayudu makes a meal of a simple catch at deep cover. Runs in and catches it, then fumbles and lets it out. White mistimed the booming drive and it went up in the air. What a clanger from Rayudu. There's an appeal for caught behind too but replays show the ball died just before Dinesh Karthik's gloves. Odd that he even claimed it. Several minutes wasted on replays. Dramatic over for White. How does he respond? By swatting a short ball for six over square leg.

End of over 17 - SH 152 for 2: Four singles off four balls from Lasith Malinga. Then Cameron White heaves into the leg side and gets two, with Kieron Pollard lumbering around from long-on and putting in a dive to save two runs. Excellent work from the big unit. Then a single. Seven off the over.

End of over 16 - SH 145 for 2: The over starts with Hanuma Vihari slog-sweeping Pragyan Ojha for four. Then Cameron White tees off and gets six into the sight screen. The late surge has begun.

End of over 15 - SH 131 for 2: Hanuma Vihari gets his third boundary by nicely pulling Dhawal Kulkarni over midwicket. After a couple singles, Cameron White gets a short ball and slaps it past midwicket for four as well. Off the next, he absolutely drills a fuller ball in the air to long-on for another four. Great shot. Dismissive.

End of over 14 - SH 116 for 2: A tidy over from Pragyan Ojha. Single to long-on, dot, single to cover to get Cameron White off the mark, single to deep backward square leg, single to wide long-off and single to short fine leg. Second strategic time-out is taken.

End of over 13 - SH 111 for 2: Mitchell Johnson returns and gets Shikhar Dhawan (59) who charges and nicks to Dinesh Karthik off the fifth delivery. That will give Johnson some lift after he goes for four first ball, Hanuma Vihari cutting over point. End of a good innings from Dhawan. Full of crunchy shots.

End of over 12 - SH 104 for 1: Hanuma Vihari content to work the ball around and get Shikhar Dhawan on strike. Harbhajan Singh is dinked around for singles. And what would the over be without the obligatory leg-side wide?

End of over 11 - SH 98 for 1: A change of ends for Lasith Malinga. Concedes 11 off the over. Shikhar Dhawan gets to fifty with a lovely punch past cover for four, off 36 deliveries. Top shot. Then he charges and slashes four over point, despite losing a hand off the bat. Strong form from the left-handed opener.

End of over 10 - SH 87 for 1: Kieron Pollard gets the ball. Singles down the ground, to point, square leg and short third man and a couple out to deep square leg. There's a deliberate edged four to third man as well from Shikhar Dhawan. He's on 46.

End of over 9 - SH 77 for 1: Pragyan Ojha continues after the strategic time-out and concedes seven. Two singles before Shikhar Dhawan breaks free with a superb reverse sweep for four. Then back to singles. Hyderabad on course for a good total.

End of over 8 - SH 70 for 1: Shikhar Dhawan is strong on the off and that's where Dhawal Kulkarni is feeding him. There's a drive out to sweeper cover for two, then a firm cut for four. Another cut is cut off at point but on the fourth ball Dhawan charges and cracks a single to the sweeper. Two dots to Hanuma Vihari end the over.

End of over 7 - SH 63 for 1: Time for some left-arm spin from Pragyan Ojha. He too slows it up. Shikhar Dhawan likes it, collecting the ball on length and slog-sweeping a big six over midwicket. Plenty of singles in the over.

End of over 6 - SH 52 for 1: Not as good an over from Harbhajan Singh as he would have liked to end the Powerplay. Takes pace off the ball to frustrate Shikhar Dhawan, keen to play his shots off the front foot. Dhawan gets two over midwicket, using his feet to come down the track. Another wide from Harbhajan to maintain the trend. Four wides in six overs. Dhawan sweeps hard and gets four to put 50 on board for Hyderabad.

End of over 5 - SH 44 for 1: Mitchell Johnson back into the attack after a 19-run opening over. Rohit Sharma at point dives and takes pace off a firm shot from Shikhar Dhawan. Hanuma Vihari is kept scoreless for three deliveries but he pushes the last into the small gap at cover and the quick outfield hurries it to the boundary.

End of over 4 - SH 39 for 1: Lasith Malinga into the attack, the crowd favorite at the Wankhede (after SRT, of course) gets the wicket. But not before some drama. First up, a change of pace produces an aerial shot from Parthiv Patel but Dhawal Kulkarni at mid-off drops it. The ball was always dipping on him but he did well to get hands to it, only to not could hold on. In the end the drop doesn't cost anything because Malinga gets his man with the bouncer. Parthiv hooks with a top edge straight to the sweeper in the deep. A wicket and three runs off the over.

End of over 3 - SH 36 for 0: Two expensive overs of pace and Rohit Sharma calls on Harbhajan Singh for some flat offspin. A quick single from Shikhar Dhawan first ball to get on strike Parthiv Patel, who nudges out to midwicket for one but ends up getting two as the throw hits the stumps and ricochets. That's poor from Mumbai. Harbhajan maintains the trend of bowling one wide too. Overall not a bad over.

End of over 2 - SH 31 for 0: Not much of a better over from Dhawal Kulkarni, in for Abu Nechim. A wide followed by two dots, an uppercut six (a top edge, really), a single to cover, then a crunched boundary between cover and point. A dot ends the over.

End of over 1 - SH 19 for 0: Not the best start from Mitchell Johnson. Parthiv Patel got three juicy deliveries on the pads which he worked away for boundaries. There's a wide too. Then Johnson goes outside off and Parthiv places the ball behind point for four more. A nice shot. Expensive over.

Toss: Cameron White, the Sunrisers Hyderabad captain, wins the toss and promptly opts to bat against Mumbai Indians. Kieron Pollard and Dhawal Kulkarni come into the Mumbai XI for Glenn Maxwell and Abu Nechim. Hyderabad are unchanged.

Mumbai are placed third on the league table, having won nine out of 13 matches.

Hyderabad, on the other hand, have eight victories in 13 games and need a win here to make life a bit difficult for Mumbai, and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Fresh from a solid win against neighbours Pune Warriors, Mumbai will hope to continue their winning run at their home ground.

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