As it happened: Mumbai vs Pune, Game 58, IPL 6

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: May 11, 2013, 2:58 PM IST
As it happened: Mumbai vs Pune, Game 58, IPL 6

LIVE updates from Game 58 of IPL 6 between Pune Warriors India and Mumbai Indians in Pune on Saturday.

Mumbai Innings:

End of over 18.5, Mumbai 116 for 4: Rohit Sharma goes off the second ball for 37. Late drama. Harbhajan up next. Dot. Bhajji finishes it with a four. It's Mumbai's ninth win in 13 matches.

End of over 18, Mumbai 112 for 4: Glenn Maxwell picks up his first boundary off Ashok Dinda's first ball. Three balls later a six comes off Maxwell's bat. A pull over midwicket this time. 12 off the over in all. Scores tied. Mumbai now need one off 12 balls. Rohit 37*, Maxwell 13*.

End of over 17, Mumbai 100 for 4: Ajantha Mendis comes back into the attack. Rohit steers the third ball past Ashok Dinda at short third man for four runs. In all, seven off the over. Mumbai now need 13 to win in 18 balls. Rohit 36*

End of over 16, Mumbai 93 for 4: Ashok Dinda comes back on and Rayudu cuts him for a four first up. Another four, this time on the legside. After two singles, Rayudu goes off the last ball, holing out to Angelo Mathews at deep square leg for 26. Sweet revenge for Dinda. Mumbai need 20 off 24 balls. Rohit 31*

End of over 15, Mumbai 83 for 3: Yuvraj continues and concedes a six off the second ball to Ambati Rayudu, who hits it over the bowler's head. Mumbai need 30 off 30 balls. Rohit 30*, Rayudu 17*.

End of over 14, Mumbai 73 for 3: Kane Richardson bowls another tight over. Just six off it. Mumbai need 40 off 36 balls. It seems like it will go down to the wire.

End of over 13, Mumbai 67 for 3: Yuvraj Singh replaces Rasool and bowls a tight over. Just four runs off it. Mumbai Indians need another 46 to win.

End of over 12, Mumbai 63 for 3: B Kumar comes back on. Eight from it. Rohit 22*, Rayudu 6*. Mumbai Indians need another 50 to win.

End of over 11, Mumbai 55 for 3: Parvez Rasool comes into the attack. Five singles off the over. Mumbai Indians require another 58 runs.

End of over 10, Mumbai 50 for 3: Yuvraj continues and Rohit picks up a four off the second past point. Rohit 13*, Rayudu 2*. Mumbai Indians require another 63 runs.

End of over 9, Mumbai 45 for 3: Ajantha Mendis continues. Finishes off his over in a jiffy, just five runs off it. Pune are making a match of it. It's time for a strategic break.

End of over 8, Mumbai 40 for 3: Yuvraj Singh comes in to bowl and removes the dangerous Dinesh Karthik who gives a simple catch to Manish Pandey at long-off following a leading edge. Karthik made 17. Ambati Rayudu is the next man in.

End of over 7, Mumbai 38 for 2: Ajantha Mendis continues. Bowls a tight over, just one runs off it. Karthik 17*, Sharma 3*

End of over 6, Mumbai 37 for 2: Dinesh Karthik picks ups a six off the second ball off Kane Richardon. It was a top edge while pulling but it still sailed over midwicket. Three balls later Karthik strikes a four through the covers. Karthik 17*, Sharma 2*

End of over 5, Mumbai 26 for 2 : All-sorts Ajantha Mendis into the attack. Tendulkar out for 15. Hits straight to long-on. Soft dismissal that was. Rahul Sharma is the next man.

End of over 4, Mumbai 24 for 1 : Kane Richardson comes into the attack. After five quiet balls, Tendulkar moves over and glides it past short fine leg for four runs. Seven runs off the over. Sachin 15*, Karthik 6*

End of over 3, Mumbai 17 for 1 : Dinda continues. Tendulkar picks up a four off the fourth ball with a pull shot that goes through fine-leg. Another four off the last ball, lifts it over midwicket to good effect. Sachin 11*, Karthik 3*

End of over 2, Mumbai 8 for 1 : Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes into the attack and bowls a tight over. Just four off it.

End of over 1, Mumbai 4 for 1 : Dream start for Pune. Ashok Dinda cleans up Dwayne Smith off the first ball. A gem of an inswinger. Dinesh Karthik is the next man in. Sachin Tendulkar off the mark off the penultimate ball with a double. Single off the last.

Pune Innings:

End of over 20, Pune 112 for 8: Pune's last boundary came in the 11th over. Wicket for Abu Nechim as Abhishek Nayar finds Harbhajan SIngh at long-off. Nayar made 11. B Kumar goes off the last ball as Dwayne Smith takes a stunner on the boundary at long-off. Mumbai shouldn't have much trouble chasing this down.

End of over 19, Pune 107 for 6: Another tight over from Lasith Malinga. Just six off it. The hosts look absolutely hopeless right now.

End of over 18, Pune 101 for 6: Johnson comes back on. Richardson goes for a big shot but misses the ball. No run off the first. Dot again. The ball angled into the batsman. Out. Richardson holes out to Harbhajan at long-on for eight. Second wicket for Johnson Parvej Rasool, the valley dweller, joins Nayar. Single off the fifth for Nayar. Rasool gets off the mark off the last ball. Two runs off the over.

End of over 17, Pune 99 for 5: Lasith Malinga replaces Johnson. Both batsmen are now dealing in singles. Well, what else can they do considering Pune are five down? Just five off the Sri Lankan's over.

End of over 16, Pune 94 for 5: Spin attack continues. It's Glenn Maxwell, who is playing his first match. Drop off the third. Maxwell himself is the culprit but it was struck really hard by Richardson. Good over by Maxwell, six runs off it.

End of over 15, Pune 88 for 5: Two new batsman at the crease, Abhishek Nayar and Kane Richardson. Three quick wickets have changed the complexion of the Pune innings. Can these two take the hosts to a respectable total? Meanwhile, Mitchell Johson comes back into the attack. He has already taken a wicket, that of Aaron Finch. Both batsmen get off the mark in this over. Three runs in all.

End of over 14, Pune 85 for 5: Another Pune wicket bites the dust. It's Angelo Mathews this time and guess what? He has run himself out, but great work there from Sachin Tendulkar at short thirdman. Another wicket, off the fourth ball. Bhajji traps Yuvraj Singh for 33. Just the wicket Mumbai needed.

End of over 13, Pune 84 for 3: Yuvraj Singh looking good for a big score. If he stays till the end Pune will surely have a good score to bowl at. But the big question is can he stick around till the end? Meanwhile, Lasith Malinga comes back on. Pandey out for 29. holes out to Ambati Rayudu at deep midwicket

End of over 12, Pune 78 for 2: Good over by Harbhajan Singh, just six off it. Pandey 27*, Yuvraj 28*

End of over 11, Pune 72 for 2: Pragyan Ojha continues and Yuraj Singh picks up back-to-back sixes. First over midwicket, second over square leg. 14 runs off the over in all. Pandey 25*, Yuvraj 24*

End of over 10, Pune 58 for 2: Harbhajan Singh continues. Third successive over yielding four runs. Mumbai spinners are dong a great job. Pandey 24*, Yuvraj 11*

End of over 9, Pune 54 for 2: Pragyan Ojha continues. Another tight over, just four off it; four singles. First strategic time-out comes into effect. Pandey 22*, Yuvraj 9*

End of over 8, Pune 50 for 2: Twin spin attack from Mumbai as offspinner Harbhajan Singh, who exchanged banterwith Yuvraj in the previous over, comes on to bowl. Bhajji bowls a tight over, concedes just four. Pandey 19*, Yuvraj 8*

End of over 7, Pune 46 for 2: Pragyan Ojha comes on to bowl. Yuvraj has had a very ordinary IPL 6 so far. He is due some big runs. Is it going to be his day today? Meanwhile, Pandey unleashes a big six over midwicket off the fourth ball. Single off the next. Yuvraj to play the last ball. He picks up a single to short fine-leg.Pandey 18*, Yuvraj 6*

End of over 6, Pune 36 for 2: Abu Nechim continues, into his third over. After quiet five balls, Pandey picks up a four over mid-off. Single off the last. Pandey 10*, Yuvraj 4*

End of over 5, Pune 29 for 2: Lasith Malinga replaces Mitchell Johnson. There won't be any breathing space for the Pune batsmen. Malinga almost got Uthappa off the third but the umpire called it a no-ball. A yorker without dividends. Uthappa gets a four off the free-hit delivery. Uthappa goes off the fourth for 11, it's a yorker, again. Superb comeback by Malinga Yuvraj Singh comes and is off the mark with a four. A dot completes the over.

End of over 4, Pune 18 for 1: Abu Nechim continues and and bowls a tight over. Just four off the over. Mumbai have got off to a very good start here at Pune.

End of over 3, Pune 14 for 1: Mitchell Johnson continues. Uthappa gets off the strike with a single off the first ball. Finch gone off the fifth ball. That was a soft dismissal. His weak drive goes straight to Dwayne Smith at cover. Finch made 10. Single off the last to Manish Pandey.

End of over 2, Pune 12 for 0: Abu Nechim concedes a single to Uthappa off the first ball. Finch picks up two through the covers off the second. Dot. Four runs off the fourth delivery. It was full on Finch's pads and he flicked it over midwicket. The penultimate delivery is a dot. Here comes another boundary off the last.

End of over 1, Pune 1 for 0: Mitchell Johnson starts the proceedings for Mumbai against openers Robin Uthappa and Aaron Finch. After three dots, Uthappa gets off the mark with a flick off his pads. Finch plays the last two; no score off them.

TOSS: Pune Warriors India's skipper Aaron Finch won the toss and elected to bat first against Mumbai Indians.

Team News: Pune have made five changes to their squad with Abhishek Nayar, Ashok Dinda, Manish Pandey, Kane Richardson and Ajantha Mendis coming back in the team. On the other hand Mumbai made one change with Glen Maxwell coming in for Pollard. Maxwell is making his debut in the IPL.

Pune: Robin Uthappa, Aaron Finch, Manish Pandey, Yuvraj Singh, Angelo Mathews, Abhishek Nayar, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Parvez Rasool, Kane Richardson, Ashok Dinda, Ajantha Mendis

Mumbai: Dwayne Smith, Sachin Tendulkar, Dinesh Karthik, Rohit Sharma, Glenn Maxwell, Ambati Rayudu, Harbhajan Singh, Mitchell Johnson, Lasith Malinga, Pragyan Ojha, Abu Nechim

With nothing to lose, a low on morale Pune Warriors will face Mumbai Indians in a Maharashtra derby.

Mumbai will be eyeing this encounter as a ticket to the play-offs stage. After losing a few matches, under Rohit Sharma they have got their acts together and registered big wins against Chennai Super Kings and KKR.

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