As it happened: Pune Warriors v Kolkata Knight Riders, Game 56, IPL 6

Cricketnext Staff | Updated: May 9, 2013, 7:27 PM IST
As it happened: Pune Warriors v Kolkata Knight Riders, Game 56, IPL 6

Live updates from Game 56 of IPL 6 between Pune Warriors and Kolkata Knight Riders at the Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium in Pune.

Pune Warriors India innings:

End of match - PWI 106 in 19.3 overs: L Balaji sends Bhuvneshwar Kumar's off stump for a walk with the first ball. Off the third, he pulls off a brilliant return catch to get rid of Parvez Rasool. So that is that: KRR have won by 46 runs.

End of over 19 - 105 for 8: Wayne Parnell lofts the first ball of the over to long-off. Sunil Narine finishes with 2 for 12. A great outing for him. Just two singles off the 19th over. Pune need 48 off six balls.

End of over 18 - PWI 103 for 7: Jacques Kallis bowls out with a fine over - five singles and a wicket to end with 2 for 27. Mahesh Rawat swings and gets a thin edge to Manvinder Bisla.

End of over 17 - PWI 98 fpr 6: Angelo Mathews was starting to open up but looking for his fifth six he heaves Sunil Narine to the fielder at long-on for 40. The asking rate has crossed 15. Excellent stuff from Narine - a wicket and three runs.

End of over 16 - PWI 95 for 5: Angelo Mathews takes on a Jacques Kallis bouncer and gets a top-edge six over deep square leg. Next ball, a more controlled hit straight back down the ground for six more. A single off the last ball. Fifteen off the over.

End of over 15 - PWI 80 for 5: Sunil Narine comes back after the break and keeps up the good work, conceding just two singles. Terrific bowling from the all-sorts Trinidadian spinner. Something has to give for Pune now.

End of over 14 - PWI 78 for 5: Second six for Angelo Mathews, swings Rajat Bhatia over the long-on fielder who leaps back in vain. Bhatia does well to allow three singles in three balls before having Mitchell Marsh caught at long-on for 5. Pune have lost half their side. Time for the second strategy break.

End of over 13 - PWI 69 for 4: Angelo Mathews sends the first ball of the over down the ground for six. A few more of those are needed. The next five balls produce five singles. Iqbal Abdulla finishes with 2 for 26. Mathews keeps swinging but doesn't time anything.

End of over 12 - PWI 58 for 4: Rajat Bhatia keeps up the good work by conceding five runs. Angelo Mathews has struggled for timing. He's on 8 off 13 balls. The asking rate is now 11.87.

End of over 11 - PWI 53 for 4: Second wicket for Iqbal Abdulla as Robin Uthappa (31) slaps the ball straight to Gautam Gambhir at backward point. Its down to Angelo Mathews and Mitchell Marsh to revive Pune.

End of over 10 - PWI 49 for 3: Five off the Rajat Bhatia over. Pune need 104 from 60 balls. Robin Uthappa needs to get on with things.

End of over 9 - PWI 44 for 3: Another good over keeps the pressure on Pune. Just three singles off Ryan ten Doeschate. The strategic timeout is taken after nine overs.

End of over 8 - PWI 41 for 3: Pune continue to slide. The pressure of not scoring enough tells on Udit Birla, who misses a swipe at Iqbal Abdulla and is bowled for 7 off 14 balls.

End of over 6 - PWI 34 for 2: Sunil Narine comes on and allows just five off his over, with Udit Birla taking a boundary off the last ball. That ends the Powerplay overs.

End of over 5 - PWI 29 for 0: Four runs off the over from Jacques Kallis. KKR are doing well.

End of over 4 - PWI 25 for 2: Second wicket down as Yuvraj Singh nicks L Balaji behind for 1. Only three off the over. Bad start for Pune.

End of over 3 - PWI 22 for 1: Well, well. Aaron Finch gets a lucky break on 5 after being caught short of the crease when backing up at the nonstriker's end. The ball brushed Jacques Kallis' boot in his delivery stride. Kallis was certain he had his man but the third umpire, Simon Taufel, ruled it not out. Kallis is livid. He repeatedly asks the on-field umpire Sudhir Asnani whether he is calling him a cheat. There are heated emotions out in the middle. Kallis is very ticked off. Replays showed Finch was out. Not sure why Taufel ruled it not out. How does Kallis reply? By bowling Finch. What a dramatic over. Three runs off it. Kallis doesn't say anything after pegging back Finch's off stump.

End of over 2 - PWI 19 for 0: Two fours off L Balaji - one each to Robin Uthappa and Aaron Finch - help Pune take ten off the second over.

End of over 1 - PWI 9 for 0: Four off the first ball of the chase as Robin Uthappa hits left-arm spinner Iqbal Abdulla over midwicket. Uthappa clips three off the last ball.

Kolkata Knight Riders innings:

End of over 20 - KKR 152 for 6: Wayne Parnell is entrusted with bowling the final over and concedes 15. Three singles, a two and four and six to Rajat Bhatia, rolling his wrists superbly to help get the total past 150.

End of over 19 - KKR 137 for 6: The penultimate over begins with Manoj Tiwary lapping Bhuvneshwar Kumar over short fine leg for four. The bowler gets lucky next ball as Tiwary steers a full toss to short third man for a single. Ryan ten Doeschate drills the third ball past mid-off for four, but then top-edges a pull shot to be held at short fine leg by Krishnakant Upadhyay. Bhuvneshwar does well to keep runs in check from there on. Can KKR get a big last over?

End of over 18 - KKR 126 for 5: Wayne Parnell returns and concedes ten runs. Plenty of shots but just one four off the over as Manoj Tiwary slashes hard and finds the gap behind point.

End of over 17 - KKR 116 for 5: A big over that was much needed for KKR. Ryan ten Doeschate hits the first six of the innings, shoveling Angelo Mathews over midwicket. A couple follow, then a dot as ten Doeschate drives and misses. Mathews goes full and gets punched straight back for four, then misplaces the yorker and ten Doeschate slams a low full toss over cover for four more. Lovely clean striking. Single to long-on off the last over. Seventeen off it.

End of over 16 - KKR 99 for 5: Back comes Bhuvneshwar Kumar and he needs three balls to strike. Five down for KKR as Yusuf Pathan (3) flashes outside off stump and gets an edge to Mahesh Rawat. That wicket prompts the second strategic timeout. Two runs round off an excellent over.

End of over 15 - KKR 96 for 4: A top over from Krishnakant Upadhyay, back into the attack. Just six off it, including a bouncer called wide. Who will ignite KKR's innings?

End of over 14 - KKR 90 for 4: Fifty to Gautam Gambhir in 43 balls, dabbing Mitchell Marsh to third man for one, but he can only get as far as 50. Looking to heave Mitchell Marsh over midwicket, the KKR captain picks out an alert Angelo Mathews at midwicket. Another slower ball from Marsh, another overhead catch.

End of over 13 - KKR 85 for 3: Gautam Gambhir scampers a couple twos, followed by four byes as he misses a slog as does the wicketkeeper. A misfield at wide long-on gives Gambhir an extra run and he moves to 49. Two dots from Angelo Mathews in that over.

End of over 12 - KKR 75 for 3: Into the attack comes Mitchell Marsh and he takes off pace to get rid of a scratchy Eoin Morgan (15). Looking to go over short fine leg, Morgan finds the leaping fielder there who holds a straightforward overhead catch. In comes Ryan ten Doeschate.

End of over 11 - KKR 73 for 2: Parvez Rasool finishes with 1 for 23 after conceding seven runs in his fourth over. Eoin Morgan gets consecutive twos off the first couple deliveries, then misses a flash outside off stump and Mahesh Rawat lets out a long, imploring appeal. No dice.

End of over 10 - KKR 66 for 2: At the halfway mark, KKR are on target for the average first-innings score at this venue. A lot dab shots and tucks to the leg side in that over from Angelo Mathews. Eoin Morgan struggling for placement. Clever changes of pace from Mathews who allows just six runs from the over.

End of over 9 - KKR 60 for 2: Parvez Rasool continues the good work to make it three solid overs on the trot for Pune. Eoin Morgan unfurls a deft reverse sweep off the last ball to get a much-needed boundary. Three dots were adding to the pressure for KKR.

End of over 8 - KKR 54 for 2: Angelo Mathews gets the ball and does well to allow the batsmen just two, aided by some sharp fielding inside the circle. Eoin Morgan off the mark with a single past Mathews.

End of over 7 - KKR 52 for 2: A tidier second over from the offspinner Parvez Rasool and he gets his maiden IPL wicket. Jacques Kallis (2) is the man to fall cheaply, driving Rasool to cover where Angelo Mathews holds an overhead catch on the second attempt. Another poor score for Kallis.

End of over 6 - KKR 50 for 1: Pune's new wicketkeeper Mahesh Rawat makes an impact in his first match. Swift work behind the stumps gets Manvinder Bisla (12) stumped as he advances to Bhuvneshwar Kumar and tries a lofted drive. Very good work from Rawat, who has a good record on the domestic circuit for Railways. Jacques Kallis gets off the mark first ball. KKR take 50 off the Powerplay block as Gautam Gambhir cuts the last ball behind point.

End of over 5 - KKR 44 for 0: At last, we get to see the Jammu & Kashmir allrounder Parvez Rasool. Gautam Gambhir collects consecutive fours off Rasool's offspin: first he charges and drives over cover and then gets a thin edge past the stumps. Nine off the over.

End of over 4 - KKR 35 for 0: Bhuvneshwar Kumar into the attack and concedes seven. Just the one four off the over as Manvinder Bisla charges and goes over extra-cover.

End of over 3 - KKR 28 for 0: Another busy over for KKR. Gautam Gambhir clips the first ball from Wayne Parnell past square leg for four. A quick single follows, getting on strike Manvinder Bisla who gets his first boundary with a pull shot. Two singles follow.

End of over 2 - KKR 17 for 0: Krishnakant Upadhyay is driven first ball of the over through the gap at point for three by Gautam Gambhir. The first four of the innings comes to Gambhir too, who slashes over cover-point. A much better shot follows as Gambhir punches past mid-off for four more. Gambhir keeps strike with a single to third man.

End of over 1 - KKR 4 for 0: A tidy opening over from left-arm pacer Wayne Parnell. Plenty of shots but none find the boundary. Manvinder Bisla gets off the mark fourth ball with a sharp single to mid-on. Gautam Gambhir, coming off 0 in his last innings, steals a single off the last ball. Two wides make up half of the runs.

Toss: Kolkata Knight Riders won the toss and elected to bat first against Pune Warriors.


Kolkata: Manvinder Bisla(w), Gautam Gambhir(c), Jacques Kallis, Yusuf Pathan, Manoj Tiwary, Eoin Morgan, Ryan ten Doeschate, Rajat Bhatia, Iqbal Abdulla, Sunil Narine, Lakshmipathy Balaji

Pune: Robin Uthappa, Aaron Finch(c), Udit Birla, Yuvraj Singh, Mitchell Marsh, Angelo Mathews, Mahesh Rawat(w), Parvez Rasool, Wayne Parnell, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Krishnakant Upadhyay

Pune Warriors India can pull the plug on Kolkata Knight Riders' play-off hopes on Thursday when they take on Gautam Gambhir's team for the first time in the sixth season of the IPL. While Pune are already out of the play-off race, Kolkata's hopes hang by a thread.

A loss in the last match against Mumbai Indians means Kolkata now need to win each of their last four matches by a big margin and hope the other results also pan out in their favour. But with a net run rate of -0.273, the defending champions are hoping against hope.

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