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    Asia Cup final: as it happened

    Bangladesh innings:

    50th over: Pakistan (236/9) beat Bangladesh (234/8) by 2 runs to win the Asia Cup. What a match! Nine runs were needed off the over. Aizaz Cheema has done a great job. It's Pakistan's second Asia Cup title; their first came in 2000. As for Bangladesh, it's been a story of so close and yet so far. They could not have come closer than this. Heart-breaking for them. The Bangla players are crying. On the other hand, the Pakistani players are displaying wide grins. Two different scenes here at Mirpur's Shere Bangla National Stadium.

    Some consolation for Bangladesh! Shakib Al Hasan has been chosen as the Man of the Series. Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi has been named the Man of the Match. He made 32; while bowling, he conceded just 28 runs in 10 overs and got the wicket of Nazimuddin.

    49th over: Bangladesh 228 for 7. Nine runs come from the Umar Gul over. Need another 9 to win in the last over. Phew!

    48th over: Mashrafe Mortaza out. Tries to hit Saeed Ajmal over fine leg but the execution is not up to the mark and Nasir Jamshed takes an easy catch. Bangladesh 218 for 7. Need another 19 to win.

    Mashrafe Mortaza c Nasir Jamshed b Saeed Ajmal 18 (9)

    47th over: Another twist to the tale. 14 runs come from the Umar Gul over. Match on! Bangladesh 212 for 6. Need another 25 to win.

    46th over: Mushfiqur Rahim out. Second wicket for Aizaz Cheema. The Bangladesh captain goes for a big hit on the leg side but fails to connect the ball properly; it goes high into the air and Nasir Jamshed takes a good catch on the square leg boundary. Bangladesh 198 for 6. Mahmudullah and Mashrafe Mortaza are at the crease. Both are capable batsmen. Can they do it for their team? That's a big question. Anyway, we will know about that in a while.

    Mushfiqur Rahim c Nasir Jamshed b Aizaz Cheema 10 (8)

    44th over Shakib out. Tries to be cheeky as he tries to hit the ball over short fine-leg. Misses the ball and is bowled round his legs. Aizaz Cheema's joy knows no bound. Bangladesh 181 for 5.

    Shakib Al Hasan b Aizaz Cheema 68 (72)

    43rd over: Nasir Hossain out. Goes for a big pull but miscues it; the ball goes high in the air and Misbah ul Haq takes an easy catch at short mid-wicket. Second wicket for Umar Gul. Bangladesh 176 for 4.

    Nasir Hossain c Misbah-ul-Haq b Umar Gul 28 (63)

    42nd over: Shakib greets Aizaz Cheema with a six off the first ball. It's a great hit over midwicket. The ball is full and he is onto it in a flash. Bravo! Bangladesh 169 for 3.

    41st over: Fifty for Shakib. His 25th ODI fifty. Smashes Umar Gul over midwicket for a one bounce four. Bangladesh 160 for three. They need another 77 to win. It's a tough ask, it seems right now.

    40th over: Bangladesh 153 for 3. Just 21 runs came from the batting Powerplay. Great bowling by Mohd Hafeez and Saeed Ajmal.

    35th over: The fifty-run partnership is up between Shakib and Nasir. The match is on. The five overs of batting Powerplay to begin after this. They will be pretty crucial in the context of the match. Bangladesh 132 for 3.

    32nd over: Shakib Al Hasan survives a run-out appeal. Plays on the leg side a Hafeez delivery and goes for a double. Hammad Azam picks it up and throws it straight to the wicketkeeper, who does a good job but the batsman dives and survives. Bangladesh 115 for 3.

    30th over: Bangladesh 101 for 3. Pakistan were 110 for 4 at this stage. It's pretty evens-stevens right now. The required run rate is now over 6. Great comeback by Pakistan. Shakib Al Hasan and Nasir Hossain are at the crease. Shakib has been Bangladesh's best player in the last couple of years and today he has a big opportunity to add more to his stature.

    26th over: Bangladesh 86 for three. Second consecutive maiden from Pakistan. Good job by Umar Gul and Shahid Afridi.

    24th over: Tamim out. Goes for a shot over covers off Umar Gul but fails to clear the in-field and finds Younis Khan at extra cover. Third catch for him. He is having a ball out there. All three catches so far have been taken by him. Bangladesh 86 for 3.

    Tamim Iqbal c Younis Khan b Umar Gul 60 (68)

    22nd over: Bangladesh 78 for 2. Tamim and Nasir Hossain are at the crease. A partnership is needed right now for the hosts. One more wicket can really derail them.

    18th over: Jahurul Islam out. This time it's Ajmal. The doosra does the job for him as Younis Khan takes another catch, this time at slip. Bangladesh 68 for 2. Now it's very important that Tamim hangs in there as long as possible. So far, he has looked pretty comfortable against the Pakistani spinners. He is now key for the hosts, for sure.

    Jahurul Islam c Younis Khan b Saeed Ajmal 0 (5)

    17th over: Tamim reaches fifty. Fourth consecutive fifty for the batsman. It's hard to imagine that he was not in the original squad for this tournament, only came as a replacement. Hang on. Nazimuddin out. Goes for a big shot over covers but the execution is poor and Younis Khan runs to his left from long-on to complete a good catch. Bangladesh 68 for 1.

    Nazimuddin c Younis Khan b Shahid Afridi 16 (52)

    15th over: Bangladesh 62 for 0. Great start. The Pakistanis look worried now. This partnership is slowly taking the game away from them. They need a wicket right now.

    12th over: An eventful over. Nazimuddin is dropped by Hammad Azam at third man. Bowler Cheema keeps it short and the batsman goes for an aerial shot over covers. The execution is poor and the ball travels in the direction of the third man. Hammad dives forward and manages to get his hands on the ball, but he could not complete the catch. Bangladesh 44 for 0.

    10th over: A huge lbw appeal against Nazimuddin. The umpire disagrees with the bowler, Ajmal. The batsman plays across but the replays show the ball might be missing the leg stump. It's a maiden. Bangladesh 35 for 0.

    9th over: Now spinners are operating from both ends. Hafeez and Ajmal. Let's see what kind of approach Tamim takes towards them. To Umar Gul, he has been very disrespectful so far. Bangladesh 35 for 0.

    6th over: Tamim Iqbal has cut loose. Hits Umar Gul for two fours. Both aerial strikes on the off-side. Bangladesh 24 for 0. Ok, their strategy is very clear: Tamim will go for big shots; Nazimuddin will play the role of sheet anchor.

    5th over: Bangladesh 15 for 0.

    4th over: First boundary comes for the hosts. Tamim Iqbal cuts Umar Gul through point. It was a bit risky as the ball was in the air for a while. Another boundary off the last ball. Tamim again. Bangladesh 13 for 0.

    2nd over: Umar Gul bowls a maiden. Great start by Pakistan. When you don't have much to defend, this is the way to bowl.

    1st over: Mohd Hafeez opens the bowling for Pakistan as Bangladesh begin their chase of 237 runs. If they get over the line, it will surely be their biggest win to date. Also, it will be their first Asia Cup win. Both openers, Tamim Iqbal and Nazimuddin, show great caution as two runs come off the over.

    Pakistan innings:

    50th over: Pakistan score 236 for 9. 19 runs were scored in the last over of Shahadat Hossain. Wicketkeeper Sarfraz Ahmed top-scored for Pakistan with 46 runs, while Mortaza, Razzak and Shakib shared two wickets each.

    46th over: Razzak gets his second wicket. The left-arm spinner has been on the mark today. He has bowled miserly, giving away only 24 runs in his 9 overs and getting breakthroughs for his team whenever they needed.

    Saeed Ajmal b Abdur Razzak 4 (7)

    45th over: Pakistan slide further into a hole as they lose the wicket of Umar Gul. Mashrafe Mortaza gets his second wicket as Gul closes the face of his bat too soon, giving a straight forward catch to Shakib.

    Umar Gul c Shakib Al Hasan b Mashrafe Mortaza 4 (6)

    42nd over: A Shahid Afridi cameo comes to an end as the attacking batsman miscues a full-toss by Shakib. Nasir Hossain takes a good diving catch while running in from the long-off fence. It was the second wicket for Shakib.

    Shahid Afridi c Nasir Hossain b Shakib Al Hasan 32 (22)

    40th over: Though the last over of the Batting Powerplay was a maiden, 36 runs were still scored in the five-over period. Shahid Afridi is taking the attack to the opposition from the outset. Pakistan 171 for 6.

    38th over: Wickets of Umar Akmal and Hammad Azam help Bangladesh tighten their grip on Pakistan's innings. Akmal scored 30 (45) while Azam made 30 (37).

    Umar Akmal c Mushfiqur Rahim b Mahmudullah 30 (45)

    Hammad Azam c & b Shakib Al Hasan 30 (37)

    30th over: Pakistan touch the 100-run mark! It's been tough work for Pakistan, losing four wickets and taking over 28 overs to reach the century mark. The only good news for them is that both Akmal and Azam are looking positive and taking calculated risks. Pakistan 111/4.

    27th over: Umar Akmal and Hammad Azam, the two young guns of Pakistan, are in the middle. The number of runs Pakistan score will depend upon how these two batsmen play. Akmal is playing a rather subdued innings, while Azam has already shown his positive intention, hitting a six and four.

    24th over: Now Hafeez goes! The pressure created by dot balls worked. Hafeez, in an attempt to clear Razzak over mid-on, mistimes completely and gives a simple catch to Nazmul Hossain.
    Razzak has given away just 11 runs in his seven overs, which includes three maidens, and has picked up the wicket of the well-set Hafeez.

    Mohammad Hafeez c Nazmul Hossain b Abdur Razzak 40 (87)

    20th over: Bowling Powerplay, as expected, goes Bangladesh's way! Only 11 runs were scored during the five-over period. Are Bangladesh bowling too well or Pakistan are getting over cautious? It seems to be the combination of both! Pakistan 66 for 3.

    18th over: Umar Akmal replaces Misbah. The Bangladesh bowlers are keeping things tight, not giving away any leeway to the Pakistan batsmen. Abdur Razzak, the left-arm spinner, has been the pick of the bowlers, making the ball spin and bounce. Pakistan 63 for 3.

    15th over: Misbah departs! The 36-run stand between Misbah and Hafeez is broken as the former gets run out for 13. A slight hesitation from Misbah's part cost him his wicket. Will it open the floodgates for Bangladesh?

    Misbah-ul-Haq run out 13 (23)

    14th over: Pakistan build after early losses! Hafeez and Misbah are doing it expertly for Pakistan. The two experienced batsmen are concentrating on singles. Pakistan 52 for 2.

    10th over: A couple of boundaries in the over for Mohammad Hafeez. Pakistan are 43 for 2 and seem to have recovered from the early jitters, at least temporarily.

    6th over: Out! Pakistan lose their second wicket as veteran batsman Younis Khan is trapped lbw by Nazmul Hossain. A dream start by Bangladesh.

    Younis Khan lbw Hossain 1

    5th over: Opener Nasir Jamshed (9) falls to Mortaza in the fifth over as Pakistan lose their first wicket. The batsman fails to clear the infield on the off side and Mahmadullah takes a simple catch in the square cover region.

    Nasir Jamshed c Mahmudullah b Mortaza 9

    Mirpur: Bangladesh captain, Mushfiqur Rahim won the toss and elected to field in the Asia Cup final against Pakistan at Mirpur on Thursday.

    While the home team go into the match with an unchanged playing XI, Pakistan have brought in wicketkeeper Sarfraz Ahmed in place of out-of-form pacer Wahab Riaz.

    Pakistan could be considered overwhelming favourites, having won 29 of their 30 encounters against Bangladesh, but the hosts go into the match with back-to-back victories against India and Sri Lanka.

    The two teams previously met in the opening match of the competition where Bangladesh went down by 21 runs, after losing their last five wickets for a mere 17 runs.



    Tamim Iqbal, Nazimuddin, Jahurul Islam, Mushfiqur Rahim (wk/capt), Shakib Al Hasan, Nasir Hossain, Mahmudullah, Mashrafe Mortaza, Abdur Razzak, Shahadat Hossain, Nazmul Hossain


    Mohammad Hafeez, Nasir Jamshed, Umar Akmal, Younis Khan, Shahid Afridi, Hammad Azam, Misbah-ul-Haq (capt), Sarfraz Ahmed (w/k), Saeed Ajmal, Aizaz Cheema, Umar Gul

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