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    Asia Cup: How Pakistan beat India in a thrilling finish

    Pakistan needed 10 off the last over and lost the ninth wicket of Saeed Ajmal off the very first ball, but last man Junaid Khan got the single to give the strike back to Shahid Afridi who provided a moment of magic with two back-to-back sixes off R Ashwin to win the game for his team and put India virtually out of the tournament.

    Legspinner Amit Mishra (2 for 28) bowled superbly to keep India in the game defending a moderate 245 for 8, but Mohammad Hafeez's 75 and Afridi's late assault of 34* off 18 balls dashed India's hopes of a come-from-behind win.

    Here's a blow-by-blow account of how the match swung in the last two overs when Pakistan needed 13 runs off 12 balls:

    48.1 B Kumar to U Gul, Fuller in length outside off, Gul drives it through long off for a single to give strike to Afridi. 234/6

    48.2 B Kumar to S Afridi, Full toss on middle, Afridi whips it through mid-wicket for a single. This is really mature batting from Afridi! 235/6

    48.3 B Kumar to U Gul, OUT! Gul falls! Fuller in length on middle, Gul swings it down the ground. Rahane at long on takes a really good catch diving forward. That came off the toe end of the bat. India just about in the match, by a whisker! 235/7

    48.4 B Kumar to S Afridi, Yorker on off, Afridi drills it to Kohli at covers. Good cricket all round! 235/7

    Mohammad Talha is the next man in for Pakistan.

    48.5 B Kumar to S Afridi, Fuller outside off, Afridi gets down to sweep but misses. The players appeal but the umpire is not interested as it was outside off. They take a leg bye. 236/7

    48.6 B Kumar to M Talha, OUT! Talha falls as well! Fuller in length outside off, Talha mistimes his loft straight down the throat of Jadeja at long off who takes a calm catch. 236/8

    Ashwin to bowl the final over of the innings. Ajmal is on strike.

    49.1 R Ashwin to S Ajmal, OUT! Timber! Bowls it on the middle and leg, Ajmal looks to sweep but the ball spins in and disturbs the stumps. The Indians are pumped up! What drama! 236/9

    49.2 R Ashwin to J Khan, Bowls it on middle, Khan turns it towards the mid-wicket region for a single to give strike to Afridi. 237/9

    Junaid Khan is the last man in for Pakistan.

    49.3 R Ashwin to S Afridi, SIX! BOOM BOOM No. 2! Bowl it on middle, Afridi backs away and loft it over the wide long off region for a maximum. What a strike from Afridi! 243/9

    49.4 R Ashwin to S Afridi, SIX! BOOM BOOM No. 3! LALA wins it for Pakistan! Shorter in length on middle, Afridi backs away powers a mishit over the long on fence for a huge maximum. PAKISTAN WIN BY 1 WICKET! 249/9.