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    Amchi Mumbai arrives at EA

    CHENNAI: It is an installation that will compel anyone with half an ounce of curiosity to walk up to it, examine it closely and carry some sense of it along with them as they walk way. Such was the impact of Bose Krishnamachari’s ‘Ghost-Transmemoir’, an installation on display at Express Avenue.As part of the ongoing art show in south India, Art Chennai, three installations found their way to Express Avenue on Tuesday.Ghost-Transmemoir: Capturing a city’s soul, brings alive the story of Mumbai, the city of chaos and dreams in transition as its catches up with the for-ces of economic and cultural globalisation. On clo-ser look, what appear to be buckets strung up turn out to actually be one of the cultural symbols of Mumbai, dabbas (tiffin boxes), cut open to display small LCD monitors on which the viewer can watch and hear the voices of Mumbaikars, as they share what the city means to them. Iconic images of the city file by in the background.Sheba Chhachhi‘s interactive video intervention Bhogi/ Roghi (Consumption/Disease) invites the viewer to be a part of the artistic expression. The shadow of the viewer finds its space on the video scr-een, which plays images of the food we consume and how that is now threatened by genetic modification, and how, one day, even humans can be genetically modified.‘White Builders and Red Carpet’ again by Bose Krishnamachari, is a polit-ical satire, where 108 microphones occupy a table set on bright red carpet, and surrounded by 13 w hite chairs which represent the wealthy and influential. The tangle of cables and wires are in chaos. Bose said, “I try to present the chaos we see around, the absence of the actual face, and the need for it.”