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    Now, a film on cartoon porn star Savita Bhabhi

    Savita Bhabhi is India's hottest cartoon porn star. Her sexual adventures at shopping arcades, parties, workplace or doctors' chambers are already part of online and offline folklore.

    Her stories appear in English and 10 Indian languages. Created by a few friends in India and believed to be run from New Zealand because of heat from the Indian security agencies, this is Bhabhi's exclusive interview to Shashank Shekhar.

    The Interview

    So, when do we meet you?

    I will be an animated film soon, the only hitch is finding talent willing to work on such a project.

    Who created you, where is he based?

    Someone called Deshmukh and he's not based in India. I cannot share the exact location as he values his privacy. There are three core members in the SB team along with a lot of volunteers.

    Do you have plans for new editions?

    We have requests for a Spanish and a French version, which we will be coming out with soon.

    Can we hope to meet you in an animation or real-life film anytime soon?
    Yes, there are plans to come out with an animated version of Savita Bhabhi. The only issue is finding the right talent willing to work on such a project. I am looking for animators to come forward and bring my adventures "to life".

    Your creators are apparently not in India. Who is your creator and where is he based? How big is the Savita Bhabhi team?

    My creator is Deshmukh. It is true that he is located out of India, but I cannot share the exact location as he values his privacy. There are three core members in the SB team along with a lot of volunteers.

    A cartoon strip from Bhabhi's adventures

    How many foreigners are involved in creating you? From your Bengali dialect, for instance, it is evident that Bangladeshi translators are involved.
    Plenty. We've actually got people from places like Spain and South Africa in our team! We have requests for a Spanish and French version of Savita Bhabhi which we will be coming out with soon.

    Indian security agencies are trying to ban you.

    I believe that the cyber branch has much more important work on their plate rather than waste time on a cartoon site! I'm sure they would rather spend their time tracking down the criminals, fraudsters and terrorists who misuse the Net than run after a slightly promiscuous bhabhi.

    You don't seem to bother whether children too are ogling at you. There is not even a customary age-consent form to access your site. Isn't it also your responsibility to place your adventures out of reach of minors?

    I do have a strong social responsibility and keeping children out of the site is one of them. However, rather than just have a 'customary' warning page which really does not serve any purpose, we have put up a link to a website from where parents can get information about blocking not only Savita Bhabhi, but any website that they might find objectionable. The link is: http://www.rtalabel.org/parents.php.

    Which part of India you do belong to?

    I like to think of myself as a complete Indian woman, not necessarily from one part of India.

    When was your first sexual encounter?My first sexual encounter was with my husband. I was not very aware of sexuality before marriage and it is only after that I opened up.

    Do you prefer Indian men to foreigners?

    Well, till now I have only been with Indian men, so I do not have a point of reference to compare. I think Indian men have a unique flavour. The only problem is that they need to learn more about sexuality and how to satisfy their women.

    What if your husband discovers your promiscuity?

    Only time will tell.

    Favourite position?

    Are you going to print stuff like this!

    Which male Bollywood star do you fancy?

    I would like to take the name of some of the current stars, but the truth is that the one Bollywood actor who could really turn me on is the eternal Amitabh Bachchan.

    Among Bollywood actresses, who do you think is most sexually expressive, uninhibited?

    I feel Bipasha Basu has a sexuality that cannot be matched by anyone in the industry right now.

    Will there be a Holi special edition?
    No plans for that as of now.

    How many people visit your website? Which are the most popular languages they read your adventures in?

    2,00,000 people visit the website daily. They mostly read the stories in English and Hindi.

    What message do you have for Indian women, who are still largely considered sexual objects?

    I would tell them to explore their sexuality and stand up for their rights. They need to talk to their partners and teach them how to satisfy them sexually.

    Do you ever foresee a time when your adventures could be created entirely in India as legitimate adult entertainment?

    We can always hope for that. I feel today's India is liberated enough (shown by the success of SB) to appreciate legal adult entertainment and hopefully sometime soon laws in India will come in line with popular consensus. Almost all developed countries have legitimized adult entertainment. Rather than have MMS scandals of real people floating on the Internet, it makes better sense to legalise it and have it run on the right side of the law.