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    Fashion need not be restricted to Metros

    KOCHI: "I love wearing saris. They are elegant and accentuate the feminine figure very much,” says Anais Veerapatran, the show stopper at Cochin Fashion Fever Nights, the fashion show that was held at Hotel Dreams on Friday. Anais, the former Miss Mauritius 2008 finds India and her country quite similar to one other. “Both India and Mauritius are same in terms of culture and lifestyle. I would say India is more vibrant with people of different cultures living together,” she says. Standing tall at six feet, the svelte beauty observes that Indian fashion designers are extremely enthusiastic about showcasing Indian tradition in their works. “They are proud of showing it to the world,” she says.Yet, compared to the global fashion scene, she does believe that India has some catching up to do. Anais who has been part of various fashion shows in France, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Miami and Mauritius finds international models younger and slender, but says Indian models are more feminine. Winning beauty pageants invariably opens the doors of various film industries. Ask the 26 -year-old about her movie aspirations and she says, “Mauritius does not afford those kind of movie opportunities. The film industry has not flourished much there.” But she is an ardent fan of Indian movies. “Recently I watched ‘The Dirty Picture’, Mohanlal’s ‘Casanovva’ and the recent ‘Agneepath’. The films here are vibrant and colourful,” says the dimple cheeked beauty. Anais who is based in Bangalore since the last one year, has been part of fashion shows in Delhi, Calcutta and Jaipur. Yet, modelling happened to her by accident. “While I was studying in Mauritius, the owner of a modelling agency approached me. It started off as a hobby as I loved to socialise with people,” she says. But soon enough, Anais began to love her work, and since then there has been no looking back.This is the model’s first visit to Kochi, and she feels the spirit of fashion should be allowed to percolate to all parts of the country. “Fashion need not be restricted only to metro cities, it should trickle down to the rural parts as well. Because at the end of the day, all want to look good,” says Anais.