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    Australia's weakness is spin, so I say go attack: Jamie Alter

    Should India persist with three spinners for the Hyderabad Test? Cricketnext editor Jamie Alter joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

    Q. It is almost an home ground for Ojha, therefore he should be in the eleven instead of Harbhajan. Your comments. Asked by: Sandeep Rao

    A. He should be there because of the variety he offers, and because he was India's leading wicket-taker against England.

    Q. In subcontinent pitches are the pacers in-effective or is it the lack of efficiency in Indian pacers? most of the wickets in Australian innings are picked up by spinners where as most of the wickets in Indian innings are picked up by pacers? Asked by: sathyaki

    A. India's strength is spin, Australia's weakness is spin. Australia's strength is pace, India's weakness is pace. India's pacers are not in the league of Australia's. Look at Pattinson and look at Ishant and Bhuvneshwar and you get the idea. Physique and attitude are the difference. Pattinson got Vijay with a 150kph delivery; Bhuvneshwar struggles to hit 135. Ishant, after 49 Tests, still cannot figure out what length to bowl. Australia lost wickets to spin because their footwork was poor.

    Q. India has a selection dilemma for the 2nd test. Spinner, Most likely Ojha for Harbhajan. And Shikhar Dhawan for Murali also it looks like. Sehwag may be given one more test match. I dont think, India will think about any other slot. Your take pls. Asked by: Narayan

    A. Dhoni has said that this team has found a "settled batting and bowling combination" for the remaining three Tests. So that means five bowlers, which Dhoni has never really been known to use. The question is: considering he didn't use Bhuvneshwar at all in the second innings, and seeing how poorly the Australians played spin, should India play four spinners?

    Q. The Aussies can also go in with two spinners approach into the Hyderabad test. If agreed and given a chance, which quickie shall you oust from the team? Asked by: Sandeep Rao

    A. I expected Starc to do well in Chennai but he didn't. So he would be the one to go is Doherty comes in.

    Q. Don't you think Ajinkya Rahane should be an immediate replacement for Murli Vijay? Asked by: Sandeep Rao

    A. He has been picked as a middle-order batsman.

    Q. If Australia batting lineup is same you don't have any choice but to play 2 off-spinner and Jadeja, but do you think Austalia should give chance to Steven smith who is good player of spin? Asked by: Amit Bhilwade

    A. I would prefer Ojha over Harbhajan, regardless of the presence of four left-handers in Australia's first six. He's just a smarter, more effective bowler. As for Smith, he would play as a batsman, so for that Australia need to drop Hughes. And I don't see that happen considering the way he has been invested in.

    Q. Aapko aasa lagatatha kya ki India jitega? Asked by: yogesh joshi

    A. Aisa hi lagta hai, Yogesh.

    Q. Do you think Harbhajan deserves to play the Hyderabad test match considering the fact that he wasn't anywhere close to a threat in the first match. If he cannot make an impact on a track like the one in Chennai, he surely isn't good enough anymore. Asked by: Aswin Bharadwaj

    A. Harbhajan took three wickets in two innings, one of which was Peter Siddle. He was outbowled by Ashwin and eveb Jadeja. The issue was the same: a tendency to bowl too flat on middle and leg. As you said, he was not a threat. Ojha must come in. No argument.

    Q. Harbhajan has performed well in first test. shouldn't he be retained for the second test? Asked by: sathyaki

    A. I don't think he bowled well in Chennai. If he had, he would have taken at least four more wickets.

    Q. I would prefer if India plays 4 spinners and Kumar as the lone medium pacer. Why trouble Ishant when he can neither pick wickets, nor bat, or add value in the field? Now instead of 95 overs per day, we can bowl 110 overs. Ha Ha. What do you say? Asked by: Karthik

    A. It looks like Dhoni has little faith in his two pacers in conditions like Chennai. Australia had a tough time playing spin, so why not play four spinners?

    Q. Why in our country of 120 crores we are unable to produce a genuine pace bollower and always have to depend on our spinners? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

    A. It's an age-old issue. No one seems to have a reason. I think its diet, mentality, attitude and the absence of leaders.

    Q. What was Dhoni thought process of selecting Jadeja over ojha? Asked by: amit

    A. Simple. Jadeja is the designated allrounder at No. 7.

    Q. Do you think that Ashwin is as good as Prasnna or Venkat Raghavan, the legends in the history of Indian Cricket? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

    A. Not at all. Ashwin's rise to the Test team had more to do with Harbhajan's downfall than anything Ashwin did.

    Q. What according to you is a perfect test pitch ? Was Chennai one perfect ? Asked by: AJ

    A. Perfect pitch? What's that?

    Q. Why hasn't there been any other world class spinner in Australia after Warne? Shane Warne was a product of the same diet, mentality and attitude as any other Aussie. Asked by: dev

    A. I've not seen the talent in Australia so cannot comment on their domestic structure, but I believe the amount of limited-overs cricket, and especially Twenty20, has impacted spinners. And like Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara, Warne was just one of those abnormally talented players who appear once in a generation. There can't be another Warne.

    Q. Where do you think Lyon went wrong? I quite liked the trajectory and the length he bowled on the first hour of day 3, the session when he induced that loose drive of Sachin. Dhoni unsettled his rhythm all right. But shouldn't have Clarke asked him to stick to what he has done over the years to be noticed by the selectors; bowl slower through the air and pitch it up? Asked by: Aswin Bharadwaj

    A. Lyon bowled the standard that he is. He just ran into an in-form Sachin Tendulkar and Dhoni on a mission. He will have better days. Its tough to keep flighting the ball when a batsman is bashing you back over your head, in these days. There are no Bedis around anymore.

    Q. A rank turner or Bouncy pitch, a pitch that would push match into 5 days? Asked by: AJ

    A. In India, bouncy pitch? AJ, are you playing PS/Xbox cricket?:)

    Q. Hyderabad temp on sat and sun are 36deg do you still feel that India will go with 2 pacers? Asked by: Amit Bhilwade

    A. I'm not so sure they will play two pacers. Australia's weakness is spin, so I say go attack.