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    Kalmadi hits out, says OC being singled out

    Ranchi: Beleaguered former Commonwealth Games Organising Committee (OC) chief Suresh Kalmadi hit out at the authorities and said that the OC cannot be singled out and blamed in the CWG scam. His aggression came a day after his closest aide Lalit Bhanot was arrested by the CBI alongwith VK Verma - two of the senior most officials of the CWG OC.In his defence, Kalmadi said all approvals were obtained from the Sports Ministry. He said decisions were made at several levels and by several people in the process of organising of CWG 2010.Kalmadi accused the authorities of categorically targeting the OC members.Speaking to the media during the National Games in Ranchi, Kalmadi said everybody accepts that the technical handling of the games was superb and opening and closing ceremonies, which were managed by the OC were really good.Kalmadi claimed that OC didn’t undertake any construction work and other agencies were involved in that.He said, "The officers of the OC have been fully cooperating with the CBI and have provided all documentary material. But unfortunately, only officers of the OC are being called for questioning."Kalmadi was quick to add that OC officials worked very hard for years to deliver for the games.Further in his defence, Kalmadi said, "No decision was made at an individual level. There was a finance sub-committee, a finance committee and an Executive Board. Several senior government officials were party to the decisions taken. So I am surprised that only OC officials are being summoned while no other government official has been called, leave alone arrested."Kalmadi also dragged in the ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs and said that it was involved at every step. For a long time, Kalmadi's refrain has been that he was only responsible for spending Rs 1600 crore, so why no question against those who were responsible for spending the rest of Rs 40,000 crore budget money spent on the games organisation? He also alleges that there were several government officers who were a part of the decision making process.So how exactly was the decision making process really working out in the OC? While Kalmadi was the Chairman of the OC, Jarnail Singh was the CEO of the OCThere was a committee of three key bureaucrats who were looking at major purchases being done. The question is that were they totally in the dark?The Sports Ministry was brought into the loop about organisational issues of the CWG, although much later, they too had a stake in decision making.Sports Minister Ajay Maken however, says, "Why ask me? Mr Kalmadi should explain himself." But despite the kind of aggression being displayed by Kalmadi, things are unlikely to change for him anytime soon. CNN-IBN has learnt that the CBI is likely to be filing an FIR against him and following that he is going to be arrested for causing delays in several purchases of the CWG.