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    Rahul Gandhi's 2014 majority dream in tatters

    New Delhi: Even though only the initial leads have started to emerge from the key states of West Bengal, Kerala and Tamil Nadu it has become amply clear that Rahul Gandhi's dream of a Congress majority in the 2014 general elections is already in tatters, according to eminent historian and CNN-IBN poll analyst Ramachandra Guha.

    Guha's observation is also seconded by the other eminent anlaysts who believe that there is bound to a further rise of state and regional powers after these elections.

    "In 2014, state allies will ask for many more seats," he said.

    P Sainath, the rural affairs editor of The Hindu, said: "The centre will be susceptible and there will a lot of pressure on UPA II."

    Economist and policy expert Bibek Deb Roy said that it had already "become difficult dealing with the DMK, but it will be even more difficult to deal with the Trinamool".

    Meanwhile, national affairs editor of The Telegraph, Manini Chatterjee was of the opinion that if Mamata Banerjee wins Bengal she will not be an immediate problem as she will focus on the state.

    "As long as the centre is supportive on the law and order issues and with financial help (packages) it will be fine," she said, adding that it will only on the long-term when Trinamool may ask for more seats during the general elections in 2014.