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    A film festival in Mumbai to showcase rare films

    Aarohi film society is showcasing a series of extremely rare first films, made by the likes of Vidhu Vinode Chopra, Kundan Shah, Sriram Raghwan, Rajat Kapoor and oter directors. The short films are as follows:-1.Murder At Monkey Hill (1976/B&W/23 mins)Script & Direction – Vidhu Vinod Chopra.The situation is sparse and simple. A killer is hired to murder a girl in a lonely spot. But he has moments of indecision when confronted with the girl. The film satirically portrays the situation in idiom of a typical commercial Hindi film.2.Bonga (1976/B&W/23 mins)Script & Direction – Kundan Shah.The film is based on the American gangster genre and attempts to bring out poetry of this tradition in cinema. It makes use of the familiar elements from a typical gangster film such as bank robbery, the get away car, the deserted refuge in a jungle but on a different level: The human and the comic.3.Chaitra (2000/Marathi/Colour/20 mins)Directing & Editing – Kranti Kanade.Madhu and his mother go to Nail wada for ‘Haldi Kunku’. Naik bai insults Madhu’s mother. Madhu’s mother pawns her jewelry and performs a big Haldi Kunku inviting Naik bai. She completes her revenge by offering her Haldi Kunku with the entire ritual and shows her that she is also capable of doing it richly. The next year when Madhu’s mother is invited, life is not the same anymore.Date - 9th April 2011Timings - 5.30 to 8.30 pm