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    First batch of Indians from Japan arrives

    New Delhi: Delhi airport was a picture of chaos on Wednesday night with almost every one here wanting to catch a glimpse of the passengers who were brought back from Japan on a special flight.

    But the 500 passengers who got off the flight were composed.

    Passenger Ridhi Singla said, "If people want to come there are flights coming every day. I came because I am pregnant. For normal reason I wouldn't have come."

    There were many though like Nidhi Jain who were just happy to come back home to safety. They came back however, with horrific memories of a country that has witnessed massive devastation and destruction over the last few days.

    Twenty-year old Supriya's family too is relieved that she's back. Supriya though had wanted stay back in Tokyo and continue her studies.

    Supriya Khatri said, "There is no need to rush back to India. People are still there - working studying."

    Her sister said, "We were tensed if she is not picking call if she is not talking. Its better to be here whether something is wrong there or not."

    It is a happy homecoming for nearly 500 of the passengers most of them Indians who have managed to come back from Japan carrying memories of a country which has been struck by a massive tragedy.