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    Gmail Motion: Google's April Fool's prank

    New Delhi: Continuing its tradition of April Fool's hoaxes Google unveiled another 'new feature'. This time for its popular email service, Gmail. The new fabricated Gmail feature is called Gmail Motion.

    According to Google, Gmail Motion is the company's "first attempts at next generation human computer interaction." Users will be able to control Gmail without the aid of a keyboard or mouse. Messages can be composed and replied to using only the human body.

    Never the one to miss out on the little technical details, Google has put up detailed videos explaining how the thing works and have also posted a motion graph, to explain which body actions can perform what functions on Gmail as well as some safety precautions. That's not all, Google also announced that it was bringing Gmail Motion to Google Docs later in the year.

    But unlike some of its previous All Fools Day hoxes, Google reveals the plot a bit too soon. The joke is revealed soon after a user clicks on the 'Try Gmail Motion' button.

    Google's history of April 1 jokes can be traced back to 2000 when they announced the launch of MentalPlex, when Google asked its users to focus on a swirling spiral and project a mental image of what they wanted to search for and the results page displayed humourous error messages.

    MentalPlex was followed by PigeonRank, where Google claimed that it used pigeons for its PageRank system. Other notable Google's April Fool pranks include Google Gulp, Gmail Paper and Google TiSP.

    Google also had a number of non-hoaxes on April 1. The biggest was the Gmail launch in 2004, something that many had thought to be a hoax.