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    Terror threat to Indian Embassy in Kabul

    New Delhi: Days after Osama's killing, the threat perception is raised for Indian missions in Afghanistan. The Taliban has warned of a spring offensive.

    US has also shut down its missions in Pakistan and now India has reviewed security for all its missions in Afghanistan.

    Sources in the Indian embassy in Kabul say they have received specific intelligence of a terror strike being planned.

    As a result there is an increased threat perception to the embassy and to the four consulates of Jalalabad, Herat, Kandahar and Mazhar-e-Sharief.

    As of now no additional reinforcements have been sent in. But all consulates have been asked to be on alert.

    There have been four attacks on Indian interests in Afghanistan since July 2008. On February 26, 2010, two hotels in Kabul where Indians worked and stayed, were targeted by terrorists. A car laden with was also blown up at the gate of Indian Embassy, killing four Indians.

    In October 2009, terrorists struck again at the Indian embassy, carrying out a car bomb explosion near its outer wall and killing 17 people.