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    Goa freedom fighters attack Portuguese envoy

    Panaji: Freedom fighters in Goa on Tuesday demanded an apology from Portuguese ambassador to India Jorge Roza de Oliveira for making what they called shameless and baseless statements against them.

    Spokesperson of the All Goa Freedom Fighter's Association (AGFFA) Nagesh Karmali said at a press conference that 'Fundacao Oriente', a cultural organisation mandated to create awareness about Portuguese culture, should be thrown out of Goa.

    Oliveira, who was on a visit to Goa to attend the 37th anniversary of the '25th de Abril revolution' in Portugal, in an interview to a local English daily published on April 26 had questioned the constant criticism by freedom fighters against Portugal and said that the former colonial power had already pleaded for forgiveness from Goa way back in 1974.

    "The problem with Portuguese officials is that they still think they own Goa. This audacity continues to be a problem. Comments like the ones Oliveira stem from such an audacity," Karmali said.

    Karmali alleged that the Fundacao Oriente was a Portuguese-backed intelligence operation on Goan soil and was funded by money sourced from casinos in Macau, another former Portuguese colony.

    "We know all what they are doing here under the garb of spreading Portuguese culture. They are promoting a select group of influential people to toe their line," Karmali said.

    Goa was under Portuguese rule for over 450 years until it was liberated by the Indian Army in 1961.