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    Karnataka crisis: Centre to decide BJP govt's fate

    New Delhi: The war of words between the Karnataka Governor HR Bhardwaj and Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa intensified after Bhardwaj wrote to the Centre saying the BJP government in the state should be dismissed and that Yeddyurappa has no moral right to continue in office.Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is meeting External Affairs Minister SM Krishna, Home Minister P Chidambaram, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Defence Minister AK Antony in New Delhi to discuss the crisis.Sources say the Home Ministry is examining the Governor's report in which he has recommended President's Rule in Karnataka. A report will next be prepared and sent to the Union Cabinet for further action.The BJP hit back on Sunday night calling the governor's move politically motivated.The state BJP legislature party will meet on Monday to take stock of the situation and strategise, which will be followed by a meeting of the Karnataka Cabinet.The BJP which is in majority in Karnataka may also decide to parade all 127 of its MLAs before Bhardwaj. The state cabinet will formally send a note to Bhardwaj on Monday to summon the Assembly session within a week so that regular business can be conducted. The NDA is also holding an internal meeting to discuss the issue.Back in Delhi, the BJP core group and Parliamentary party is also likely to meet to discuss the issue."The Governor has been taught a lesson once before yet he makes such a recommendation. We'll have to see if he's acted alone or at someone's behest. He wants to rule the state through back door. He's taken an undemocratic step. What ever we do, both BJP here and in Delhi, we will act together. I am confident that ultimately our government will be safe," said BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu.Meanwhile, Yeddyurappa hit out at the Governor's recommendation to dismiss his government."BJP ministers will sit on dharna outside Raj Bhawan today. I will meet the prime minister tomorrow," said Yeddyurappa.State Law Minister Suresh Kumar who is spearheading Yeddyurappa's survival campaign said the government is exploring legal options against Governor Bhardwaj. "Legislative party meeting will take place today. We had sought for governor's permission, unfortunately he has some other plan. He is not allowing us to go ahead with session. Today in legislative party meeting our leaders will explain everything to our legislators and will take a decision. May be after this legislation session we will plan to stage protest in Bangalore and Delhi. If needed we will show our strength," he said.Karnataka crisis deepensJust over 7 months after his first attempt to dismiss the Yeddyurappa government failed, Governor Bhardwaj is at it again.In a special report to the Centre, he has recommended President’s rule in Karnataka. Bhardwaj cited the recent Supreme Court verdict reversing the Speaker’s disqualification of rebel BJP and independent MLAs ahead of a crucial trust vote.Yeddyurappa hit back by writing to the President and prime minister that his government has a majority."It is unconstitutional,” said BS Yeddyurappa.Surprisingly governor Bhardwaj made the move just hours after the rebels sent him letters supporting Yeddyurappa. He has asked for the Assembly to be kept under suspended animation, leading to allegations that he is trying to help the Opposition Congress and the JDS cobble together an alliance and capture power. All eyes are now on the prime minister’s office."We hope the Centre rejects it," said Arun Jaitley, Senior BJP Leader.Even constitutional experts have slammed the governor saying he is acting on his personal whims."It will be completely unconstitutional. It seems that the Governor only has a single point agenda that is against Yeddyurappa and he is pursuing that agenda, I am sorry to say that it is unparalleled vendetta," Soli Sorabjee said.The governor’s recommendation has now put the centre in a spot. Will it continue to back Bhardwaj or let him end up with egg on his face.