New migration rules worry Indians in UK

Sanjay Suri | Updated: April 6, 2011, 8:41 AM IST

London: The new immigration rules come into effect on Wednesday as part of the David Cameron Govt's efforts to reduce migration from non-European Union countries. Several Indian professionals are to be adversely affected by Britain's new rules.

Several measures taken by the British government to tighten migration these include a cap of about 20,000 on professionals.

Virtual abolition of highly skilled professionals under Tier 1, barring a total of 1,000 a year from around the world.

Stricter rules on settlement, and new hurdles over convictions for even minor traffic offences.

Many professionals are already in process of applying under the old rules have been caught by the new ones.

Amit Kapadia, executive director, Highly Skilled Migrants Programme Forum said
"A large number of Indian professionals will be affected by these new rules. We have been approached by so many migrants here in UK, who are now at unease and in a stressful situation because of these changes."

Recession and a toughening economic situation means that not all migrant professionals have been able to keep their old salary levels.

On one hand the government boasts that India is one of the largest investor in Britain, there are about 600 Indian companies in this country.

On the other hand the government is choking opportunities for people staffing these companies.

The British government certainly cannot expect to have it both way and the companies are likely to lose as well their staff but also Britain will loose.

First Published: April 6, 2011, 8:41 AM IST

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