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    Controversial Moment No. 1

    Off the final ball of the 24th over of Australia's innings, Matthew Wade tapped the ball into the covers and set off for a quick single. David Hussey, the nonstriker, was running towards the danger end and as the throw came in from Suresh Raina, he instinctively put hand out to shield himself from the ball. The camera angles showed that Raina's throw was headed towards the stumps, and so MS Dhoni immediately appealed for a Hussey's wicket on the basis of obstructing the field.

    Hussey was clearly not getting in between the ball and the stumps, even though the throw was not strong enough to cause him any serious harm. Per the new ICC rules, a batsman can be given out for doing what Hussey did and hence Dhoni appealed. Billy Bowden and Simon Taufel, the on-field umpires, took their time while the third umpire, Simon Fry, reviewed the footage extensively.

    The umpires' view was that Hussey had not stuck out hand to avoid being run out, but to save himself from harm. Dhoni saw otherwise.