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    Teenage love: writing a high school romance

    Mumbai: Teenage love is nothing if not drama. And here's one teen dying to tell you more. At the age of 15, Ritwik Mallik wrote his first high school romance novel, he's now written the sequel 'Because you loved me'.

    Student and writer Ritwik Mallik said, "I was caught talking to my girlfriend 4:00am in the morning. It was quite scary then- and when I wrote it in the book I tried to carry forward the experience- the same feel of the things. Overall what I've done is garnished reality with a lot of nostalgia."

    Convinced he has this love thing figured out, Ritwik had some trouble convincing the publishers, he says because of the age factor.

    Mallik said, "Convincing the publisher to get it published was the difficult bit. No matter how good I was with words, back of my mind the thought always lurked that there are authors out there who are 10-12 years elder to me. They've interacted with more people, seen and understood more things than I can ever imagine. So how possibly can I keep pace with the over-saturated market of IITian's love stories?"

    We're talking about a real-life high school romance. Just how did that make his girlfriend Tia feel?

    Tia said, "At first I was really mad at Ritwik for making me the subject of his book - but then when I actually read the book- I think its fascinating. I have my high school memories captured forever."

    Here's wishing the young couple luck and an audience for this romance.