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    Registrar behind malicious campaign

    BANGALORE: After all the hullabaloo over the establishment of School of Economics at Bangalore University, the donor Sitaram Jindal Foundation (SJF) has spoken for the very first time. In a press statement, SJF blamed the Registrar for the ‘information spread by him for his own selfish interest.’“The allegation of selling land worth Rs 250 crore for Rs 50 crore to Jindal is totally wrong, devoid of truth and malicious information spread by the Registrar of BU,” reads the statement.The statement further states, “The Registrar, instead of supporting such a noble cause, is spreading baseless allegations against the vice-chancellor and defaming the University itself. If this is the attitude of the Registrar, then the foundation will be constrained to take legal action against him for defaming the fair name of Dr S R Jindal, who is a well-known person with great integrity.”The Foundation has clarified that Dr Sitaram Jindal had no role in the functioning of the proposed School of Economics. “We have never asked for allotment of land for the School. It will be built by BU as per their requirement under their guidance and it will be owned and run by BU. Dr Jindal does not have any role in the management of the administration of the proposed School,” the statement said.The release said that Dr Jindal desired a School that would make Economics affordable to weaker sections of the society.“With this in mind, SJF made an announcement to various reputed universities. Dr N Prabhu Dev came forward with a report and took keen interest,” the statement reads, praising the efforts of the VC that he had taken great efforts to convince Dr Jindal for the institution.The release added that the Foundation hopes theGovernor would, in hisinquiry, look into the causes of the propaganda.