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    Cricket not played on laptops, Waqar to Lillee

    Dubai: Former Pakistan captain and fast bowler Waqar Younis doubts if the former MRF Pace Foundation Director, Dennis Lillee, will be able to teach the art of fast bowling online, Pakistani website pakistantoday.com.pk reported on Friday.

    Lillee, who was in charge of the MRF Pace Foundation, handed over the reins to fellow Australian great Glenn McGrath earlier this week after serving the Foundation for 25 years. Lillee now intends to coach fast bowling through the online medium, after retiring from the Chennai-based fast-bowling academy.

    "He might or might not succeed as an online coach", Younis, who has been commentating for the Pakistan-Australia matches in Dubai, said. "Lillee is a huge name in fast-bowling coaching and may have decided to hire the latest technology and method, but I don't know how far it would work.

    "The game of cricket is not played on laptops. I have played ample cricket and learnt a lot from the ground and sitting out on the bench", the 41-year-old Waqar Younis added.

    Younis, however, said that McGrath is the ideal man to replace Lillee. "The new man Glenn McGrath is a good choice to head the MRF [Pace Foundation]. One legend has replaced the other, I must say," Younis concluded.