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    CSK and Pune made clever buys at IPL-6 auction: Sanjeeb Mukherjea

    The sixth edition of the IPL is scheduled for 3rd April to 26th May. CNN-IBN's chief cricket correspondent Sanjeeb Mukherjea joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on IPL 6 players' auction.

    Q. Did the franchises spend wisely? Asked by: Monty

    A. Most of the teams spent nearly their entire purse, while Sunrisers, Rajasthan and Kings xi spent only half their purse.

    Q. Which buys, this auction do you think will be value for money? Asked by: Paresh

    A. Difficult to predict..maybe the likes of Ajantha Mendis, Thisara Perera, Fidel Edwards, to name a few.

    Q. Do you think Franchises must now train players as domestic players are not that good in pace dept? Is it not make business sense also? Asked by: Indranath

    A. They could do it during the IPL season, but not sure if they would be allowed to do so otherwise by the BCCI.

    Q. Has RCB done the right thing by taking sumptuous domestic quickies and some talented all-rounders like Moises Henriques and Dan Christian? I feel RCB is very balanced side. I think the mantra for successful IPL team would strong foreign players and stronger domestic players. What do you think? We can expect cracker of season for RCB? Asked by: Sunil S Pai, Gurgaon

    A. RCB bought 7 seamers at the auction that includes 3 all-rounders. To add to the 7-8 they already have ... Strategy looked a bit strange, in fact, there were many questions about RP Singh's form and fitness - can't recall seeing him bowl, and bowl well in a while. But as you know, IPL does throw up surprises

    Q. Which team do you think had invested right amount on right players,I think Sunrisers were good in there selection. Do you agree? Asked by: Kiarn_KK

    A. I felt Sunrisers were tentative in their approach, considering they had the second biggest purse going into the auction...I feel CSK and PWI too made clever buys.

    Q. Do you think IPL 6 Auction shows lack of in domestic Players? Asked by: Indranath

    A. Hi Indra, that's not a fair assessment. Infact the board is yet to decide uncapped Ind players should be put in the auction or not. Most teams will be, in fact some already have, bought ind players.

    Q. Which teams, do you think have made smart buys this auction? Asked by: Paresh

    A. CSK and Pune

    Q. Do you think its intelligent on the part of few franchisees who inspite of having a settled team buy players for huge sum knowing that he is going to warm the benches for most of the IPL season? Asked by: Vincent Vijay

    A. Hi Vijay, the franchises have various permutations that they figure out going into auction... While vacant slots always attract the urge to buy players, I guess some teams did make intelligent buys.

    Q. I think Mumbai Indians are spending to much money ....as they have the most power squad....specially Maxwell who hasn't played in sub continent. What's your take. Asked by: shivang

    A. To be honest Shivang, I was a bit surprised too, seeing the aggressive bidding for Maxwell. They sure were looking for a big-hitting all-rounder, and guess their think-tank felt it was a good buy... But a million dollars for just one season, well, the heat is on Maxwell to justify the big bucks :)

    Q. What was the strategy of kings X1 Punjab? They had so much money in the bank but still only two buys, why? Asked by: Manish sachin

    A. Good spot Manish...KXIP had about $6.9 mill going into the auction, with 12 slots vacant in the squad (4 ind 8 overseas)...But they didn't seem keen enough to aggressively bid, and they only bought 2 players.

    Q. According to you which team has done their purchase very smartly? Asked by: pravin kumar

    A. Hi Pravin, CSK and Pune made smart purchases I guess...And though Mumbai did spend a lot, they picked up good players too.

    Q. Has the auction done justice to the senior players? Asked by: J

    A. This is a commercial franchise-based tournament, where the various teams buy players according to their own strategy/free will/reasoning. I am not sure senior players should be looking for 'justice' as you point out, since this is not the same as selection for national duty.

    Q. Why this auction had, most of its player who were not known in international arena and the actual talent we find missing. Players like Ricky Ponting and Clark who can devote time to there franchisee were picked in very less cost and like of Maxwell and others were hyped....what's the reason? It's actually embarrassing for greats to be taken at very less cost. Asked by: samuel

    A. It's purely the decision of the franchise ... As far as Clarke and Ponting are concerned, it surely seemed a little odd that no other team bid for them. On the other hand, we have seen in the past 5 years, virtually unknown players have made a mark and justified the unexpected big pay-day... And if you ask about greats being embarrassed, then am not so sure, since the very idea of players being auctioned has never really been endorsed by greats of yesteryears.