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    Vendors out to fish in troubled waters

    BHUBANESWAR: With culling beginning from Sunday, almost half of the City’s central business hub would come under the no-poultry zone for at least three months.Since Central Poultry Development Organisation (CPDO) is the epicentre of the outbreak, a 3-km radius area stretching from Station Square to Baramunda and from Satsang Vihar to Jayadev Vihar, will be off-limits to poultry. According to BMC estimate, at least 29 out of 60 wards would come under the impact zone.The administration has already issued instructions to close down all poultry and related product shops. While Opolfed counters will down shutters suo motu, kiosks of private vendors would be shut down with the help of the BMC, Health Department and police. The Bhubaneswar DCP has been asked to put a stop to all such sales. With the news of the flu spreading, chicken sale plunged while Opolfed immediately suspended trade.The impact of the flu will, however, be felt for quite sometime since the protocol stipulates that there can’t be broiler farming in the impact zone for the first three months. This would spell disaster for farms and small-time vendors. Those dealing in fish and mutton are likely to make the most of the situation. The outbreak in Khurda’s Keranga had led to a small increase in fish prices after chicken sales nosedived. This time, the impact on prices will be stronger.Meanwhile, the State Government has announced that compensation for birds, eggs and poultry feed to be destroyed will be paid on-the-spot to private parties and individuals. Each rapid response team (RRT) head will have necessary funds for this purpose and the BMC will deploy a tax collector assistance. People have been asked to remain cautious and not to panic.The BMC will deploy 14 community organisers who will team up with IEC teams as well as health surveillance teams to conduct house-to-house survey. Three RRTs will be deployed at CPDO and two at OUAT bird farm while the rest five will take up surveillance.