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    Pay Rs 1 lakh to watch Indo-Pak match in Mohali

    New Delhi: Ticket prices for India's high-octane World Cup semifinal clash with Pakistan at Mohali on Wednesday are going through the roof, with the black marketeers making the most of a mad rush, sources told CNN-IBN.

    Such has been the frenzy surrounding the match that tickets priced at Rs. 10,000 are being sold for as high as Rs. 50,000 in the grey market, while those priced at Rs. 15,000 are going for an astonishing one lakh rupees.

    The Punjab Cricket Association stadium in Mohali, which has a seating capacity of 27,500, made a counter sale of around 15,000 tickets on March 21-22. However, sources claim that around half of those 15,000 elusive tickets are being sold by black marketeers as the fans are willing to shell out a hefty amount to be at the ground.

    Meanwhile on the diplomatic front, the two countries have found this as an opportunity to renew ties, with the Indian Prime Minister sending an invite to his Pakistani counterpart to join him at the stadium for the match.

    India beat Australia in the second quarterfinal on March 24 to reach the last-four stage, while Pakistan had a walk in the park against West Indies in their quarterfinal played on the previous day.