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    Domlur bus stand: The new-age bus terminal

    BANGALORE: From the looks of it, seems like the new bus terminals that are being constructed across the city could give some of the malls a run for their money. The fancy glass facade along with the use of bright colours seems inviting enough.When compared to the earlier drab bus terminals in the city these swanky new terminals seem to have a lot of potential. Speaking with City Express, chief traffic manager, Prabhu Das said that the motive behind constructing such terminals was to give the commuter better facilities and amenities.“These terminals have a lot to offer the commuter.Basic facilities such as clean toilets and drinking water will be available to the passenger.” The Domlur bus terminal is one of the ten such bus terminals that is being managed by the Traffic and Transit Management Centre (TTMC). While the site area is a meagre 5,424 square metre, the built up area is 8,166 square metre. The amount sanctioned by the Ministry of Urban Development and the Government of India was Rs 15.50 crore, however the project cost was escalated by an additional Rs 3.85 crore.“Though the construction is over, the electrical space is still in progress.With the next 90 days it should be completed,” said Harinarayan, facility manager for Domlur bus terminal.According to the plan set for the bus stand, the passengers will have plenty to choose from. On the cards are installation of ATMs, health centres, shops, food court, toilets and restrooms.Apart from this the terminal also boasts of a four-floor parking space for commuters.“The passengers can park their vehicles and board the buses,” he added. A minimal fee will be charged for both the two-wheeler and the four-wheeler. The terminal can accommodate 150 two-wheelers and 250 four-wheelers. Added to that it also has two route maps and two terminal maps to aid the commuter. As far as the maintenance aspect of the depot is concerned, it will consist of a washing terminal, parking space for buses along with a fuel filling station that is yet to take shape.“One of the main reasons to construct the terminal here was to be able to better manage the traffic problem commonly seen in Domlur.Once the terminal is fully functional it will see almost 300 buses coming from all parts of the city. Also, all the buses will have to use the bus bay. They will not be allowed to stop at random places,” he added.Vasanth, a resident of Domlur said, “The bus terminal looks nice. At the moment it is neat and clean and well maintained.’’