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    BCCI set to clash with ICC over DRS

    New Delhi: In what seems to be a major setback for the BCCI in its steadfast refusal to accept the Decision Review System (DRS), the Indian cricket board is all set to face a critical vote at this month's ICC Executive Board meeting to be held in Dubai this month. Sources have told CNN-IBN that the ICC Chief Executives Committee (CEC) meeting in December 2012 saw a debate between the BCCI representative and the representatives of other boards. The agenda was to bring about a change in the DRS compliance. CNN-IBN has learnt that the CEC suggested that it should be the home boards who would have the right to use and enforce the DRS, altering the current regulation that needs both the home and touring boards to agree to using DRS. Sources told CNN-IBN that in spite of the BCCI representative Sanjay Jagdale's raising objections to the proposal, the other boards over-ruled India’s objection and sent the recommendation to the all-important ICC Executive Board meet later this month. While this proposal still needs to be voted for and made official, it's the manner in which the BCCI seems to be slowly losing its clout and apparent veto power within the ICC. However, it would be pertinent to note that the matter had come up for discussion and ratification earlier in 2012 at the ICC Annual Conference, but was never passed.The BCCI has consistently opposed the DRS since it was first trialed in the India-Sri Lanka Test series in 2008, claiming it is not willing to implement a system that isn't 100% foolproof. MS Dhoni has publicly voiced his displeasure at the handling of the DRS on more than one occasion, most prominently during the India-England World Cup match and the Test series in England in 2011. Sachin Tendulkar is another who has been named as being resistant to the referral system.