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    Mall guard returns Rs 60,000; gets job offer

    New Delhi: They say honesty pays. For a security guard posted at DT Mall in Gurgaon, his act of honesty paid rather instantly. The incident occurred last Friday when designer Saurabh Sharma, after coming out of DT Mall, sat in his Gypsy right outside the complex.

    "While sitting in my vehicle, I somehow dropped Rs 60,000 that I was carrying in the denomination of Rs 1,000. As I moved away from the complex, the security guard Ram Ashish appeared to have noticed that I had dropped something. Later, I saw him following my vehicle. I stopped and found that he wanted to return the cash which I had dropped there," said Sharma.

    "It took me some time to reach the spot where the designer had dropped something. After I reached there, I found he had dropped cash. I wanted to tell him so but by then his vehicle had gone a little far. I ran after the vehicle for several minutes and after managing to catch it, I returned the money," said Ashish, who is in his 30's, over the phone.

    "I don't think I did something extraordinary. It was my duty. Everybody should be like that. Paise main kya rakha hai. I didn't think even for a minute that I should keep it," he added. Sharma, who runs a store Studs and Stones, has now decided to employ Ram Ashish in his Italian furniture outlet inside the DT Mall.

    "I will soon launch an Italian furniture outlet inside the mall and would like to employ Ram Ashish there. I have taken his details and contacted his security agency, Leo Securities, telling them that I want to engage him," said Sharma. The security firm with whom Ram Ashish is currently employed has also decided to award him for his honest act.