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    Vasanthnagar dhobi-ghat craves for water

    BANGALORE: Vasanthnagar dhobi ghat is one of the neglected dhobi ghat in Bangalore since there is nothing to celebrate about the basic amenities here.Around 30 families from Vasanthnagar, Shivajinagar and Sultanpalya depend on this dhobi ghat for washing clothes. There are around 12 washermen families staying at the dhobi ghat where there is no potable water.“We have to fetch Cauvery water from a road side tap. We have been requesting Corporator Katta Jagadeesh and MLA Roshan Baig to provide a water tap for us but in vain,’’ said Dorai Kannan, president, Washermen Association.With the water in the open well unfit for washing clothes and the water pump of the borewell under repair, the washermen have no option but to depend on private water suppliers. “We have to pay Rs 450 per water tank. It has become tough for us to pay such exorbitant amount as we need a minimum of two tanks of water per day. It is not viable for our business to pay such a huge amount for water,’’ complains Dorai Kannan.The Secretary of the association, S Rajendran said, “The BBMP had demolished a few houses to widen the storm water drain. In fact, they promised to construct houses for us on the storm water drain but no actions has been taken yet. Some of us have to stay in temporary sheds measuring 10x7 sq ft.” The sewage water has seeped into the open well and it is difficult for anyone to stand near the well.Rajendra narrates, “As if it is not sufficient, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board had sent a bill claiming an arrears of Rs 33,895 for the water tap fixed at a temple in the dhobi ghat. The water is being used twice a week to clean the temple. It was a big shock when the BWSSB sent this bill (C-236495100, Consumer ID-1392, Consumer name and address: Nawabzadin Ayas Pasha, No. 8/4, Palace Road, Vasanthnagar, Shivajinagar) to us. The priest performs pooja twice in a week and uses two or three buckets of water to clean the pooja room. We have requested the BWSSB to rectify the mistake.”The washermen want the BBMP to honour its commitment of constructing houses for them as early as possible.“The BBMP had promised to provide washing machines for us but so far nothing has been materialised. The proposal to modernise this dhobi ghat is also pending for quite some time,’’ he said.The lack of space to put up clotheslines is another problem here. “We have to adjust with whatever space is available. If the BBMP constructs houses for us, these sheds can be demolished and use the space to put up more clotheslines to dry the clothes,’’ he concluded.