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    Entire IPL governing council should have been scrapped: Rahul Mehra

    Even after the probe in IPL fixing scandal case reaching his family's doorsteps, N Srinivasan refuses to quit. If the BCCI board members can't muster the required numbers to force him, is there any other means? Why are Indian sports body administrators so thick-skinned? Lawyer Rahul Mehra joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the issue.

    Q. Since conflict-of-interest is allowed by BCCI itself wrt IPL since beginning, technically, why should Srinivasan resign ? Secondly, even if he does resign, if conflict-of-interest is not disallowed we would have another Srinivasan soon. Asked by: Arvind

    A. Interesting way of putting a question and try to legitimize something which ought to be void-ab-initio. Firstly, if I understand correctly there is a case pending in the SC on how BCCI's constitution was fraudulently amended at a subsequent date to allow Srinivisan to have a financial interest as an administrator. This obviously shouldn't not have been allowed by the BCCI Working Committee (WC). But now one can appreciate as to how the entire WC of BCCI is a thoroughly compromised body which is incapable of even asking Srinivisan to resign despite his son-in-law (Team Principal CSK) direct involvement in betting & fixing. Obviously, this conflict of interest needs to be corrected by BCCI reverting to its 2008 Constitution (prior to IPL) whereby no administrator of BCCI could have any financial interest in the game of cricket (domestic or international).

    Q. You: While the world is gunning for Srinivasan's throat, I have only one question to ask, Why should Srinivasan resign? Has he committed any offence? Has he not ordered an inquiry to which he will not be a part. When he has the absolute confidence of most of the board members, why should he? Guru may be involved in betting, but Srini is not party to that. At this point in time Srinivasan seems strong on his morals. In India an act of resignation over a controversy is generally assumed as submission. Asked by: Satish Kumar

    A. One cannot have a free, fair & independent investigation / inquiry into the serious allegations of betting, fixing and God knows what all. Justice should not only be done but also seen to be done. What kind of inquiry can we expect under the Chairmanship of Ravi Shastri who is a paid employee of BCCI. The entire IPL Governing Council should have been scrapped as they were the ones responsible for the day to day affairs and management of IPL. But what does Srinivisan do? He appoints a 'caged parrot" in Shastri who is also a part of the BCCI Commentating Team and a Member of IPL Governing Council to head the Commission. The Commission will only be signing on the dotten lines of Srinivisan. And if he has nothing to hide, it is only fair to step aside and let a fair investigation happen into his son-in-laws illegal activities. Else he sure has the power to scuttle all investigations/inquiries which in any case are being conducted by his own men who are subservient to him.

    Q. Srinivasan has become arrogant..he don't want to loose the power and lose CSK which is a money making thing for him..why other BCCI members cant pull him down unanimously. Asked by: Rohit

    A. IPL Commisioner Rajiv Shukla cant pull him down because he himself is responsible and guilty of bringing IPL to disrepute. BCCI itself has a precedent of ousting Lalit Modi as IPL Commissioner in 2010. Why then is BCCI not following the same precedent and showing the door to Shukla? As regards other BCCI Members, no one has the moral authority to ask Srinivisan to resign as they have been seeking favours from the same Board President during his tenure. Then there are others like Arun Jaitley who are only concerned about their own future Presidency and do not want to be seen to be doing anything which may jeopardize his chances of coming to power. Everyone is only looking at his own vested interest and no one is willing to rise above self and ensure well being of Indian Cricket by doing what is right and thereby repose the confidence of the Aam aadmi into this once a Gentleman Game.

    Q. Why should Srinivasan resign? What about PWR Roy(24000cr money laundering case), SRH Marans (1.86lakh crore 2G case). Asked by: Kirti

    A. Yes it should. But law has been made to be an ass by the powerful officials of BCCI. They are accountable to no one and seem to be above all laws of the land. How else can one explain continuance of the League despite scathing report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee headed by Mr. Yashwant Sinha wherein IPL has been held to be a den of all illegal activities, such as money laundering, round tripping, black money being converted into white, hawala, violations in shareholding patterns of IPL Franchisees, violations of Company law, ED, Income Tax, RBI, etc. You name it and the law has been violated. Why then is the Government of India turning a blind eye towards IPL. IPL is not even a State, National or International tournament. Its simply CLUB cricket. Why then is the Government of India shy of intervening and forcing BCCI/IPL to get its house in order? Obviously, there is a larger conspiracy at play!

    Q. Let us not be penny-wise pound-foolish, by wasting our energies to nail Srinivasan and leave other bigger fish. Lets use them to the politicians, first. Asked by: AAP_Supporter

    A. I couldnt agree more. But we need to get Srinivasan ousted along with all the other "totally exposed" so-called stalwart politicians who cut across party lines. How on earth can one explain "Jaitley-Shukla Bhai Bhai" syndrome? How can one explain Mr Jaitley disrupting Parliament pending Bansal's resignation as his nephew was caught in a Railway corruption scandal but not even making a comment on Srinivasan's resignation when his own son-in-law stands arrested for betting/fixing allegations. Isn't this hypocrisy? My explanation is where there is honey (unending money) there will be honey bee (politicians). And they want us to believe that all of them are serving the game because of their love for it and are occupying "honorary" posts.

    Q. Why is Govt not taking any action on this. Why cant they bring BCCI atleast under RTI act? Asked by: Ganesh

    A. Kapil Sibal as Law Minister wants to bring a standalone law on "cheating in sports". Imagine Shukla-Jaitley go to the Law Minister for en effective law to deal with fixing. Why didn't they go to the Sports Minister under whose Ministry the subject falls. Why do we have a Sports Ministry is it cant handle or deal with such a situation? Why has transgressed Sibal transgressed into Sports Ministry's jurisdiction? Why do we need a stand alone law for fixing and why cant these provisions be brought under the well meaning "Sports Bill" which promises to make all Sports Bodies including BCCI accountable and transparent while respecting their autonomy? The reason is simple. Sibal has been and his son Amit continues to be BCCI counsel. Shukla-Jaitley-Sibal, etc are opposed to the Sports Bill. Hence, the need for a stand alone bill, divorced from the Sports Bill. These vested interest groups could not run the risk of passing a KHELPAL, just like the Lokpal. They run the risk of being exposed before the nation of one billion plus people just as they stand bare on the issue of Lokpal.

    Q. Can't the Indian government step in and resolve the mess? Asked by: Zaheer

    A. Yes but they need permission from the political bigwigs of BCCI who cut across party lines. Hence, they behave like an ostrich. If the powerful politicos in BCCI can abuse their power by getting probably the only performing Minister in UPA 2 Ajay Maken transferred to an insignificant Ministry simply because he wanted Sports Bill to be passed then how can one imagine the same Government to act against BCCI. One should pose this question to the PM, UPA Chairperson and so-called Yuvraj of Congres Party. Why was Ajay Maken transferred despite the fact that he was the only Sports Minister under whose leadership India won 6 Olympic medals. So much for a Cabinet reshuffle!

    Q. Hi - I am still wondering on the judicial process in the country. Why would some one step when not proven guilty? In that case, most politicians will be out of power by now. Correct me if I am wrong. Asked by: Paresh UAE

    A. I agree. The root cause of all problems in our democracy is a lethargic judiciary. Have you realised all accused say three things. One that "they have full faith in the judicial process of India". Obviously, because it takes decades for it to deliver. Two that "let law take its own course". But we all know how law in India through "caged parrots" more often than not does not take its own course when there are influential people involved. And three that "person is innocent till proven guilty". And dont we know that for someone to be held guilty may take a lifetime in our country. High profile lawyers have mastered the act of using this very system to help their powerful and influential clients. Solution seems to be only one; "Judicial Accountability" and total reform in all fields, be it electoral, police, administrative, police or judicial. For that to happen we need to change India's politics and polity which can only be done by voting good people to power. So vote for AAP of which I am a founder member.