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    Returned after 27 years, Indian spy slams Govt

    Wagah Border: After spending 27 years in a Pakistani jail for allegedly spying for India, Gopal Das stepped across the Wagah Border on Thursday.

    Gopal Das was 22 years old, when he was jailed in Pakistan 27 years ago.

    On Thursday, a few months ahead of his scheduled release, Gopal Das walked across the border with his small bag - all that he can call possessions after almost three decades in jail.

    Indian Government claimed that Gopla Das was imprisoned for straying into Pakistan territory. On the other hand, Gopla Das said he crossed the border to spy for India, but the Government disowned him after he was caught and jailed by Pakistan.

    "My advise to people would be to never try and do this service for your country, you will get nothing in return," said Gopal Das.

    But for Gopal's elder brother Anand Veer, it was a welcome reward for all the efforts he put in to get his brother back.

    On March 27, Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari directed the federal interior ministry to release him on humanitarian grounds.

    "The entire village has come to welcome my brother back home," said Anand Veer.

    And for his 70 year old elder sister Krishna, who stood waiting holding a garland, it was an emotional moment.

    Gopal Das finally made his way back onto Indian soil, but tampering his happiness with lot more regrets, he said that the Indian Government doesn't treat the spies that it sends across the border with courtesy, honour and respect that they deserve.