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    India to get Starbucks, but no dates yet

    Earlier we had reported that Starbucks is finally arriving in India. The Twitter handle which had sent the following tweet (Starbucks_India), "Its great to finally be in India! Looking forward to serving some good old #Starbucks coffee. You a fan?" has now been removed. We regret the error and apologise for the same.

    As of now there is no specific date as to when the coffee chain will serve up steaming cuppa to Indians.

    But, earlier this year there were reports of Starbucks Corp, the world's largest coffee chain, signing a pact with India's Tata Coffee Ltd to explore the possibility of opening retail stores in India.

    The agreement, which also allows Starbucks to source beans from Tata's plant in southern India, will be coffee chain's first step in entering Asia's third-largest economy, Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz said in a statement.

    The two companies will also consider jointly investing in additional facilities for exports to other markets.