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    Fixing in IPL is fake news, says Ajit Chandila

    New Delhi: Ajit Chandila is last of the three Rajasthan Royals's players to come out on bail following their arrest in the spot-fixing racket busted earlier this year during IPL 6. Said to be the kingpin in the whole plot, Chandila refuted every such claim in an interview to Mumbai Mirror on Thursday, saying fixing never happened during the league and the players who were questioned made their statements under duress.

    "Nothing has happened actually. I'm going through a bad phase in my life and because of that I got embroiled in this case. It is an out-and-out false case and I've no role in this," Chandila said in the interview.

    "This is fake news," Chandila said when asked about the claims made by police about his involvement. "I was taking the wickets of Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting. You should look at my performance, not only of this year but also last year. Where is the corroboration of all their claims?

    "That's a wrong impression. The case is not serious at all. You will soon get to know the truth. I've no involvement. The court has said that in as many words in the bail order. Everything will come out in the open. I've full faith in Delhi judiciary.

    "All that you have been reading was the police version. Now that we're out, you're hearing our version as well. I've not done anything that would make me feel guilty, now or in the future," the tall offspinner said.

    When asked about the telephonic interceptions of his fixing and betting talks with bookies, which are in possession of the police, Chandila labelled those as lies. "That is totally wrong information fed to the media. Those are lies," he answered.

    There were also reports saying that he introduced fellow RR spinner Harmeet Singh to bookies, but Chandila said players were threatened to make such statements. "I've not introduced anyone to any bookie. I can tell you the players have made their statements under duress. They were threatened to make such statements.

    "Harmeet's statement of meeting some strangers for two minutes is not a proof of my involvement with the bookies. I was having a dinner with a team-mate and it is being construed as a meeting with the bookies. All this is false and fake. The truth will soon come out."

    Chandila went on to say that the Rajasthan team is absolutely clean and he has no issues with the team or its management. "It is a clean team and there are no problems. We were playing well and whenever I had a chance, I performed to the best of my ability. I never had issues with Rahul [Dravid] bhai or with the team management."

    In the end he also made an appeal to the BCCI. "The IPL and Indian cricket are clean ... I want to tell the BCCI that I was always a clean cricketer and will remain like that. I'll soon be proved innocent."