Fletcher should be credited for India's win: Sanjay Jha

Updated: June 26, 2013, 4:30 PM IST
Fletcher should be credited for India's win: Sanjay Jha

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Team India has now won every ICC championship under the Sun. So is this the best Indian team ever? Cricketnext founder Sanjay Jha joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the matter.

Q. Is this team suited to play test in overseas condition? Asked by: Jugal

A. You need Pujara back in the team. And better spinners too.

Q. Will this CT win give confidence to India for SA tour. Asked by: MOdi

A. Every win boosts your self-belief. It will help for sure

Q. Who is one cricketer who you think should be in Indian team currently. Asked by: Gunjan

A. We have a good team for sure. Yuvraj can still make a comeback.

Q. The kind of bowling Ishant has done,is it fair to continue with him?why we are not able to fill his position with different bowler. He has been one of the most expensive bowler barring the luck he had in terms of few wickets. Asked by: narky

A. Given the injury-prone cricketer that he is, Ishant should be preserved well for Tests as well. A balance is needed.

Q. How much of role Fletcher played in this CT triumph? Asked by: Mandar

A. He is a quiet sort of a guy, but we need to give him credit for India's recent resurgence.

Q. Considering Ishant Sharma as a liability, who all, of the fresh faces, do you see as possible replacement for him on the ODI team? Asked by: Sourav

A. We have quite a few; Abhinav, Vinay Kumar, Dinda, etc.

Q. Zaheer, Yuvraj, Harbhajn, Gambhir, Shewag..who among these u think will make in the team in future. Asked by: Kurmi

A. They can all be beack in the future, in different formats, of course. Zaheer's fitness is key.

Q. Is this the core team for 2015 WC..if not then what are few changes you feel be there? Asked by: Rakka

A. One step at a time; winning the CT abroad is a confidence-booster. Enough bench strength

Q. What one change you will do to the current CT winning team? Asked by: Rohit

A. On Indian/Asian tracks, you will have to get the spinners back.

Q. Do you really anticipate any chances of Sehwag, Gambhir and Yuvaraj making a comeback to the Indian XI? Asked by: Sukumar

A. Why not? They are terrific players and have a long way to go.

Q. Couple overseas series to SA, AUS and England will only prove how far this team is good! Asked by: Sri Kumar

A. Obviously! But a win anywhere is a win.

Q. Hi Sanjay - Team's strength on foreign soil need more time to assess sustainability..In the CT except for English final, none was really a tester for Indians..But full credits to Dhoni's men to forget the off field issues and delivered more than expected ..Lets not forget, it was Kapil who put India on the world map, Saurav took it to Everest and Dhoni has conquered the quest. Asked by: Paresh

A. Completely agree with you!!

Q. Why is it that a winning a Trophy makes the Indian public and media alike forget the past 'wrongdoings' in Indian cricket (the 'Srini' saga and 'Dhoni's shareholding' in this case). Will India cricket always be run like this? Asked by: Birabrata

A. These are two parallel events; the fact that we won despite the spot-fixing issue, is a tribute to the team and the captain's toughness

Q. India, I thought, did well in the aftermath of the IPL fiasco, which, I am sure, was playing on the minds of the team. This highly groomed young team has potential enough to carry unperturbed 2015 WC and beyond! Agree? Asked by: Mansoor

A. 100 percent. Hats off to these guys and MSD!

Q. Is this the best Team India? Asked by: Sunil

A. Personally, the best team that never won the World Cup was Sourav Ganguly's WC 2003 squad that lost the finals. They were very versatile.

Q. Whether Yuvraj is in consideration for WC2015? Why he not in the team for CT13? Asked by: Karim

A. He should be in contention, because he has enormous talent.

First Published: June 26, 2013, 4:30 PM IST

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