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    Have long-term perspective and invest

    BHUBANESWAR: The biggest mistake an investor can commit in this volatile market environment is to try and get back the lost money, through risky means and fast, said Religare Macquarie Private Wealth’s CEO Rohit Bhuta and advised investors to refrain from making any hasty decisions.In a talk-cum-discussion with Odiya entrepreneurs of the State, Bhuta tried to create an awareness about the current market conditions and how to deal with the market slowdown. With the boom in the real estate market in the State, there are ways for the investors to channelise the money in the profitable direction and achieve maximum gains out of it. “The fundamentals of Indian market are more stable than the American and European markets. This is also one of the reasons why major MNCs are interested in injecting money into the Indian market,” said Bhuta. The discussion revolved around the market conditions in Europe, America and eventually India and the differences in them. “The investors in India prefer investing in safe assets and equities, but this trend needs to change. “This will change only if investors know how the market works,” said Bhuta.“Asset diversification and allocation are an important part of understanding the market. An investor needs to know what he wants in the next five years and how much he needs to save to reach there,” said Sriram Iyer, director, Wealth Management. They are touring the country to educate investors on wealth management and intelligent investment decisions. The major area where investors go wrong is focussing on debts and investing on safe assets. But with proper market knowledge, one can confidently invest in areas that might not show short-term returns, but have a great potential for long-term profits, said the speakers. “Depending on the response on the discussion, we shall plan for a office in Bhubaneswar. If we get good response, we shall come up with an independent office here very soon,” said Subhradip Bhowmick, location head, Religare Macquarie, Kolkata.