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    Dhoni replaces Ganguly as EC brand ambassador

    The Election Commission on Tuesday replaced Sourav Ganguly with Mahendra Singh Dhoni and APJ Abdul Kalam as brand ambassadors. Ganguly had earlier written to the commission seeking to withdrawal from the campaign after TMC questioned his political impartiality.

    The controversy over the former Team India captain's Sourav Ganguly alleged proximity to a few Left Front ministers prompted an irked Ganguly to request the Election Commission to remove him as one of its Brand Ambassadors.

    Chief Electoral Officer Sunil Gupta, West Bengal, said, "He has expressed his anguish for being dragged into such political controversy. The Commission has decided to accept his appeal for pull out."

    Last month Ganguly shot a music video for the Commission as a part of its campaign to urge people to come out and vote. The Trinamool Congress objected to Ganguly's selection as an ambassador and questioned his political impartiality. The objection came despite Ganguly having shared the stage with Mamata Banerjee in the past.

    While Ganguly insists he is not affliated to any party and featured in the video as just a cricketer, it seems that for the Trinamool Congress, it doesn't matter if you are politically correct unless you are politically Right.