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    Governing Council to hold review after IPL ends

    Chandigarh: A senior member of the Indian Premier League Governing Council (GC) on Tuesday said that the GC will hold a review meeting to take stock of the IPL once it is over so that the off-field controversies that rocked the cash-rich Twenty20 league do not happen in future.

    MP Pandove, a GC member and former BCCI treasurer, said the meeting will discuss corrective measures after the IPL hit the headlines due to controversies ranging from a TV sting claiming to expose spot-fixing to an alleged molestation charge against a player and two players being detained at a rave party.

    Pandove said he favoured a stringent Code of Conduct for the players and regulatory control over them. "After IPL is over, we will sit and review things. We will discuss everything in detail," Pandove, who is also secretary of the Punjab Cricket Association, said on Tuesday.

    He agreed that IPL 5 has been more in the news due to off-field activities than on-field, but said that the tournament could not be blamed for that. He, however, asserted that IPL was here to stay and those wishing otherwise would be proved wrong, "as people love this format and have extended their full support by watching the matches in maximum attendance."

    "Now you say about players attending late-night parties. As far as the IPL is concerned, we stopped holding such parties in the second season itself. IPL does not hold any such function and we have even issued advisories to the franchises who hold these events, not to engage the players," he said.

    He said that players themselves should also refrain from going to such parties and concentrate on the game. "We will suggest and work out a system to have some kind of regulatory control. Some strict Code of Conduct for the players and regulatory control has to be there," added Pandove.

    On allegations of black money being pumped into the IPL, Pandove said, "As far as the IPL and BCCI is concerned, there is no such thing. If a franchisee has taken the team, how would the BCCI know how money has come to the franchisee? We don't have an investigative agency. If the Government or the Enforcement Directorate feels there is some doubt, they can always investigate," said Pandove.

    He said that the BCCI strictly follows the "payment purse" for each franchisee. "If somebody does underhand deals with any player, the board can suspend that particular player. We were also quick to suspend the five players after the TV sting," he pointed out.