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    Government should bring new law to curb cricket fixing: Joginder Singh

    Various national and international sports bodies incorporate certain measures and employ observers to keep things as fixing from happening? Why doesn't BCCI do the same with the IPL? What are these steps? Joginder Singh, former CBI director, joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the matter.

    Q. Betting is legalized in Countries like UK and US, lot of people say it should also be done in India to curb corruption. Do u buy this argument? Asked by: satyendra

    A. I totally agree it & middle men as well esp defence deals. In India you cant control it.

    Q. Are we living in Utopian world failing to recognize corruption like God omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient? Do you agree the game of cricket is no exception devoid of corruption? Asked by: mohan

    A. More the money, more the corruption.

    Q. What should the BCCI do? Asked by: Gunjan

    A. BCCI can't do anything. We need laws & onus should lie on the person, BCCI can debar them from life.

    Q. Should govt intervene? Asked by: Deepak

    A. Govt should bring laws like in UK.

    Q. When BCCI had to take firm action against Azharuddin and his associates they tried to save thier faces..Azhar is now a MP..what kind of mesasge had these political parties have given to youth..Sreesanth need not worry..he may get a ticket from any of the party. Asked by: Rohit

    A. No politician is interested in curbing corruption.

    Q. Sir, is spot or any kind of fixing possible without the help of police? Asked by: satyendra

    A. Police doesn't have the manpower. All these cases will fail.

    Q. Why doesn't BCCI incorporate certain measures and employ observers to check fixing? Asked by: Himanshu

    A. Question should be put to Sharad Pawar.

    Q. Sir in previous cases of Match Fixing BCCI didn't let the investigation report to come out. Even in IPL it refused to take the help of ICC's anti-corruption unit. don't u think BCCI is also involved in money laundering ? and what can we do to eradicate this menace? Asked by: satyendra

    A. Well, I think it may or may not be true. They have to run the game. They need best players that's why they have turned a blind eye.

    Q. Why there is so much fuzz about this case ? Yes cricket is an emotional sport for us but corruption is in cricket as in every domain.IPL itself was made as money milking machine for the BCCI.Before bringing any measures we should bring in accountability. Why should call only the players cheat when most of the owners have some or other case of financial deregularities pending.Even one of them has destroyed future of several of his employees.Is this ethical? is this not being ignored because the people invloved are huge and have money power.We must first fix the basic credible issues and then talk about administrative measures.Your take on that. Asked by: Kisalay

    A. Spare the rod and spoil the child, nobody want to use the rod. More than govt sports organization is responsible.

    Q. Sir, don't you think that in our country it is impossible to stop fixing in any game leave alone cricket as most of the players lack in loyalty to the nation? They are just interested in amassing the money. Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

    A. No, I don't think they are not patriotic. Whole country wants to make money. We have lost our morals, cricketers are no exception.