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    Intelligence failure as big as 26/11: Musharraf

    New Delhi: Former Pakistan President and Army Chief Gen Pervez Musharraf has admitted that the Abottabad operation is a big embarrassment for Islamabad. Talking to CNN-IBN's Karan Thapar, he said that he would have apologised had he still been the Army chief. Musharraf also called the intelligence failure as big as 26/11 and 9/11.

    Karan Thapar: If you had been in that position, would you have apologised?

    Pervez Musharraf: I may have apologised on behalf of intelligence agencies because this is a great slip up, this is a great embarrassment, to that extent yes, maybe yes, and then assured the nation that we will investigate and find out how this slip up occurred and convincing the world that this does not involve complicity.

    Karan Thapar: If you are talking about incompetence then the level of incompetence is almost astonishing, because it now emerges that the CIA had a safe house in the area which they had occupied for at least five months - they were taking photographs and they were closely monitoring and intercepting conversations - so clearly if it's incompetence it's an astonishing level of incompetence.

    Pervez Musharraf:
    Well as big as maybe Mumbai, as big as 9/11, it is incompetence, yes.