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    Guyana Cricket Board resigns, blames Govt

    Georgetown: Guyana's entire cricket board has resigned following repeated clashes with government officials seeking to take over administration of the sport, leaving the team's future in limbo.

    All 10 members of the board's executive committee submitted a letter late on Tuesday to Sports Minister Frank Anthony citing arrest threats, police harassment, court challenges and government pressure as reasons for their resignation.

    "We have been subjected to tremendous stress over the past weeks," the letter stated.

    The resignations come just weeks after board president Ramsay Alli stepped down following police raids on his home and office in which court officials seized financial documents and other papers. Two other board members also resigned at that time.

    The government has accused the board of corruption and infighting and recently created its own committee to oversee Guyana's cricket affairs. However, the West Indies Cricket Board does not recognize the state-appointed committee, and the International Cricket Council warned Guyana it faces serious consequences if the government continues to interfere.

    In their resignation letter, former members say the board's bank accounts contain $400,000, noting it is the healthiest fiscal situation in the history of local cricket. They also said a 2011 audit of the board's accounts is almost complete and will be forwarded to the government.

    As a result of the dispute, the WICB had moved Guyana's team base to Dominica and canceled a test in Guyana in April between West Indies and Australia. It also warned that next year's international matches might also be canceled.